Quicksilver boats

The Quicksilver designs exceptional boats that perfectly combine fun and style with usability and safety. The distinctive strong hulls offer excellent stability, enhancing both performance and comfort. When you cruise with Quicksilver, you’re navigating a boat designed by the most experienced shipyard.

Whether you want to cruise or seek the pure thrill of water sports, your choice of boat says a lot. Quicksilver boats allow you to concentrate on the fun of boating.

Quicksilver boats with a variety of lines: the Activ series as the most luxurious cabin powerboats

Brunswick, Quicksilver Boats manufacturer, is constantly expanding its range with new powerboats. This time, the Activ Weekend series has been expanded with the 675 Weekend and the long-awaited 755 Weekend models. The Activ 455 and 505 Cabin models are entry-level models that offer the best value for money. The emphasis on comfort, safety and handling makes them ideal for an enjoyable stay at sea, whether for day or multi-day trips. New design, silhouette and improved performance are changes that are constantly being introduced compared to previous models.

The above class, called cabin cruiser, also in the Activ series, is represented by a model with a sun deck. These are the same vessels in two versions that are adapted to the specific needs of sailors. This series in terms of propulsion and speed is a leap into a more serious story, as it deals with engines up to 300 hp V8. The Activ 755 models are offered in a Smart version, which includes a bimini, upgraded control panel, bow table and a higher level of cabin equipment on the sun deck versions. Designed to make fishing easier for anglers and for those boaters who want complete pleasure at sea. The success of the Arvor dragon boats lies in the best combination of good layout and functionality. It is designed for serious sailing on both inland and offshore waters.

Fishing cabin boats from Quicksilver: the Captur Arvor which transformed to be the Captur Pilothouse

Fishing is a hobby for some, bread for some, and both for some. That is why it has always been divided into sport and professional. Small or big anglers, recreational or professional, all have one thing in common and that is a good boat. Fishing used to mean getting wet all day, especially in winter, regardless of category, but this new time has brought new standards. This has been made possible by an increase in the quality of Quicksilver boats equipment, making this hobby or job (as for whom) easier and more enjoyable. Whether you are a professional or recreational fisherman, today after fishing you can warm your body and soul in a warm cabin where you can have a hot meal, rest, sleep.

More levels of equipment on fishing boats like these allow for versatility and today they can also be used for other purposes, such as day trips. This is why many anglers use fishing boats all year round as family motorboats that can cope with even the most demanding fishing. Quicksilver has created the Captur Arvor and Captur Pilothouse ranges of boats with anglers in mind who want spaciousness, comfort, a powerful engine and plenty of accessories, storage and handles.

What works well in Quicksilver boats are the folding benches. When these richly upholstered benches are not in use, their backrest turns into an upholstered bumper for easier and more comfortable support. This is particularly practical when removing the top when you need a good rest against the fence. The rear of the cockpit itself is mostly occupied by two, seemingly immovable benches. If they get in the way, simply lift them up and store them in the cockpit floor bins. Anglers love the storage compartments where they can keep gear and accessories.