Saxdor 320 GTC

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The price includes standard boat + 2 x MERCURY V6 CMS 225 engines.

The Saxdor 320 GTC yacht has been designed to be fast and easy to handle, while also being economical in terms of fuel consumption. The boat is available for sale in Europe. 

The boat is designed to be able to carry up many people, as well as cargo. It can also take on rough water conditions without any problems. The 320 GTC boat has a low center of gravity and low weight, which allow it to perform at its best when going through waves or other difficult conditions. The yacht’s sharp entry and a wide beam makes it perfect for max speed even 50 knots. The boat can be purchased in Poland.

We have 1 boat available (the end of the production: June 2024).



Saxdor 320 is a luxury boat that is designed to be the ultimate driving experience. The boat was designed by a team of designers and engineers who wanted to create an autonomous, sustainable, and luxurious vessel. With the added bonus the high-end Saxdor yacht is being able to drive in all kinds of weathers and seas. The twin stepped hull design creates a unique driving experience. The twin stepped hull design ensures that the boat can go through rough seas without any issues. The twin engines are powerful enough to drive the boat even in rough conditions, while also being fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

The spacious Saxdor GTC interior – what are the dimensions of the yacht?

A Saxdor 320 is a luxury boat that has an elegant and comfortable design. The GTC boat is designed to be spacious and it has a full beam. The yacht wheelhouse is located on the main deck which makes it easy for owners to access the walk-around bow of the boat. The movement onboard has never been this easy because of the hull design and dimensions. Yacht is designed to carry 8 people. Yachts are usually used as a status symbol. They are also often used for recreational purposes such as fishing and cruising. The interior design of the yacht is often designed to suit the needs of the owner of the yacht and their family. Saxdor is a yacht company that builds luxury yachts for those who want to explore the world. The wetbar module is a great option for those who enjoy cooking and want to be able to cook on their boat. It can be equipped with a sink and stove which allow you to cook on your boat just like you would at home.

The interior is designed to be a comfortable space for up to 8 people. There are two aft deck tables and two sofas that can convert into beds for guests. The boat is equipped with all the amenities of a luxury yacht. It has a spacious dinette that can fit up to 5 people and together with the aft deck table and sofa, up to 8 people can eat.

Accessories of Saxdor 320 boat for sale in Europe

If you want to purchase a Saxdor 320 GTC yacht you should consider the size of the boat and what you plan on using it for. There are 3 configurations of Saxdor 320 that can be purchased depending on what you need it for. Some people purchase a Saxdor yacht to use as a houseboat or as a party boat while others purchase them for their family vacations. The size of the yacht will depend on how many people will be using it and what type of activities you plan on doing with it. There are many different options when it comes to purchasing a new yacht. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. You also have options when it comes to accessories and interior design because there are so many different styles available to choose from – check a cost. The price starts from over the EUR 100,000 with a new engine outboard.

The price for 320 motor yacht available to buy in Poland

The price varies depending on the selected engine configuration and extra chosen options. A client can customize a boat ca. 4 months before production starts. The available engine options are:

  • SAXDOR 320 GTC + 2 x MERCURY V6 CMS 225
  • SAXDOR 320 GTC + 2 x MERCURY V8 AMS 300

Additional information

Overall length

10,28 m

Max width

3,10 m

Engine max

Twin: 2 x 300 HP

Design category


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Mario, Italy

    320 GTC has a great aft space and phenomenal bow lounge. Taking into account boat’s dimensions and installed engines, Saxdor has really attractive price. It was worth to buy it from Poland.

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