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The sound of waves lapping on the shoreline is music to the ears. The water is always there to comfort you when life feels hard. In a time when anxiety and depression are rampant, it’s no wonder that living in a home on the water from Poland has become an aspiration for many. Waterside living provides a retreat from daily life, even if you live in bustling city or town.

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There are many benefits to living near water: it’s difficult not to be drawn in by the calming effect of a serene lake or river. And while there are some drawbacks – such as higher property taxes and living expenses – plenty of people find their peace and happiness by giving up their traditional home for a more rural waterside house with lake or sea view. The great advantage of a house on the water is its reasonable price for the amazing possibilities it gives.

Home on the water for sale in Europe – the best builders in Poland

Living by the water is a dream of many people. The house on a water is a very special property that will not disappoint you or your dream of living by the water. The houses are unlike any other (for example barge), with their interesting architecture and design and incredible views. Home on a water can have four bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, which can easily accommodate six people who want to live near the water.

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Building a unusual home is full of design and construction challenges

Home building on water presents unique challenges. To build a house on water, the house has to be built with high standards of quality, durability, and safety. Homes are built to withstand the specific conditions for the area they are constructed in. There are many factors that need to be taken into account such as water depth, elevation, and flooding. Lakefront homes built near the shoreline might also have a higher probability of being flooded during heavy rains or storms .

Designing a new home on water is also challenging because of all the environmental concerns that need to be taken into account. For example, homes built on water are more vulnerable to flooding and require higher elevation for flood protection.

Our home on water is constructed on the floats thus you will not have any aforementioned drawbacks (we are one of the best home on water manufacturers). The highest manufacturing quality is delivered along with modern design, ergonomic space at a still attractive price.

Additional information

Overall length

13,50 m

Max width

5,00 m

House dimensions

9,60 m x 3,30 m


13000 kg

Design category



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