Jeanneau boats

Jeanneau produces Merry Fisher boats, Cap Camarat, Leader and NC yachts. The shipyard is one of the largest Polish boat builders. The company has been developing its business activity in a very good way, mainly focusing on the modernization of technological processes (the best example is a Merry Fisher 795).

New Merry Fisher directly from Jeanneau boats!

Without a doubt, the shipyard’s most profitable basic product is the cabin cruiser boats produced in large series of the Merry Fisher brand. In addition to exports, the shipyard also focuses on the Polish domestic market. Cap Camarat models are being developed, for which an open and spacious cockpit is a characteristic feature. Jeanneau boats are designed for everyone who likes daytime wandering on the water, lively swimming and contact with nature. Cap Camarat boats, due to their open deck and cockpit, are ideal for playing on the water and enjoying the water and sunbathing in nice weather.

The Jeanneau shipyard cares about the tradition and needs of the widely understood water society.

Discover the advantages of best Merry Fisher boats

Jeanneau boats such as the Merry Fisher are a great drive for additional activities such as water skiing, wakeboarding and water banana. The smaller Cap Camarat models have a small cabin, like many similar constructions in this class, but it serves more like an emergency room in case of a breakdown in the weather. They are also great as comfortable bedrooms (even with a toilet seat with a built-in tank).

Jeanneau’s powerboats are built on a sliding hull, so they travel on the water very quickly. Both the hull and deck are made of polyester-glass laminates, reinforced with a roving fabric. The hull has a hand-made plywood grate and the deck is made of Airex. In Jeanneau boats, white predominates. The wide hull of these motorboats increases swimming stability. The boats are easy to steer, and they are easy to manoeuvre at any swimming speed.

Very rich equipment in open and cabin boats

Jeanneau’s day cruiser boats have everything you need. So we have a bathing platform at the stern with a descending ladder. Right next to the ladder, there is a special acidic handle on the outside wall of the transom to make getting in and out of the water easier. On the whole width of the motorboats we can find an aft couch, at which drink holders have been attached to the inner wall of the side. In front of the couch, or as in the Merry Fisher models, there are two adjustable seats in the cabin, for the pilot and one crew member. In pilothouse type motor boats, or Merry Fisher Marlin, we can find even a few seats for each crew member, and even additional steering from the aft deck.

Very exclusive motor boats have a roof control on the upper deck, the so-called flybridge. The most expensive are boats from NC series. Motor yachts are very big and can achieve high speed, still keeping good comfort.

Marine industry in France: is the Jeanneau the biggest French boat company?

The boatyard in France is a company that sells yachts, catamarans and sailing boats. They have a large selection of high-quality boats available for purchase.

Technology in the marine industry is a recent development. The French boatyard has been providing world-wide brands with quality cabin boats since 1968. They are renowned for the high quality of their fibreglass hulls and offer a wide range of affordable family cabin boats for weekend activities.

NC series, world-famous motor yachts that allow you to cross the ocean

The French series from French boat manufacturer Jeanneau has a growing following and incorporates Scandinavian practicality with a touch of French charm and style, with good value for money.

The NC boat series is a small package of practicality and taste with a dose of luxury and quality. Although with limited space, the concept of decoration, especially of the living areas, such as the possibility of combining the cockpit and the saloon into one space, makes these units unique among family cruisers. The Jeanneau builder of the vessel managed to combine the aft bench with the saloon bench by opening the sliding glass door in the cockpit, giving him a place to spend time together on the motor yacht.

Of the practicalities, don't miss the lounge bench with folding backrest, which is not only used for enjoying and sitting at the table, but also as a skipper's bench. The cabin also has a story. In addition to the forward cabin with a double berth, which can be separated to make two separate ones, there is another cabin with a large double berth under the cockpit floor. Propulsion is provided by two Volvo Penta D3-220 direct-drive engines, allowing the NC33, for example, to pull at a respectable 30 knots.

Canal boats, houseboats: the boating voyage across the France with Jeanneau boat

The canal boats voyage across the France has been a popular weekend activity for families and couples. You can enjoy a boat ride while enjoying the scenery passing by and get to the destination to explore the region with your Merry Fisher boat from Jeanneau manufacturer.

Canal boating is an excellent choice for a vacation, retirement, or activity. It is great for both worldwide brands like Jeanneau and local shops at various ports.

A houseboat trip offers an exciting and leisurely alternative to other forms of transportation. It is enjoyable not only for the scenery, but for the time spent with family, friends, or a loved one. Some people who might be interested in this form of travel are those who enjoy the outdoors and nature, retirees, or those who want to spend time with their family. If you are someone who likes to travel internationally: a houseboat trip in France may be just for you!