When building house boats, manufacturers pay special attention to a comfortable living space: spacious terraces, cabins with beds, a bathroom, a living room with a kitchen. Interestingly, houseboats for sale produced in Poland have a long history. Our manufacturer is the largest boat builder in Europe.

The purpose of water bungalows - new world accommodation trends.

These crafts provide a lot of benefits. You can take them with you on holiday, have your friends over for dinner, or just enjoy the views from your backyard. But there are some things you might want to consider before buying a floating house boat. The main questions are:

  1. Do you need a mobile or stationary house?
    For those who need a stationary home and have:
    a) an adequate budget it is worth to consider home on the water;
    b) lower budget: floating house (mobile version also possible).
  2. What is the purpose of your water bungalow: rental, private use or maybe commercial use as a floating restaurant or office on the water?
    If commercial for:
    a) big restaurant then maybe Barge house?
    b) luxury office or hotel then of course Modern 15.
  3. Do you need a year-round home or just for the summer?
    The best year-round is well insulated Floating Home or some Modern house boat.
  4. How is your mooring place equipped? Are there: shore water / shore power? What about waste?

No matter what your goal is - just ask us about a new houseboat and we will advise you on which model to choose. You can be invited to our boatyard, where we will discuss your needs and propose the best solutions at a reasonable price (all costs included).

Where to buy houseboat for sale at good price? Main producers and builders in Europe.

Water bungalows are mainly manufactured in Poland (Wiki). Thanks to a well-developed supply chain, our designs can be found in:

  • the Netherlands and Belgium,
  • Qatar and UAE,
  • USA,
  • UK, Scotland and Wales,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland,
  • Portugal, Spain and Italy,
  • Croatia and Romania.

Buy houseboat on displacement hull - it gives the helmsman a comfortable, supportive bucket seat that swivels, and plenty of room to either stand or sit. Colour-coordinated carpet covers the motor yacht deck and offers good traction. The jump seats flank a padded motor box, and their cushions pull out and lie atop the armrests to form a sun pad. A shelf that rests flush on the motor box lifts to form a table. Each jump seat lifts and slides to reveal stowage beneath – starboard side for the battery, port for an insulated ice chest.

How to design a new house boat? It is worth leaving it to the manufacturers from Poland.

The newest projects of boat houses for sale are made in Poland and other countries in Europe like the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. The biggest houseboat builders are Polish, so we will now focus on their designs. Due to the huge experience, we can design a cabin on the water to buy with interior for you within a couple of minutes during a dedicated meeting in our office.

How boathouse is equipped? We are a builder with great experience so we know what people in cabins on water need.

Walk down a few steps from the cockpit and you enter the Hausboot Masuren cabin, one of these motorboats that will not give you claustrophobia what you can experience sleeping in a day cruiser boat, but each kind of powerboat has its unique destination. Ports on either side brighten up the area, while a hatch provides more light and ventilation. A V-berth and portable head make overnighting a possibility. Included in the standard house boat price we have the kitchen facilities, which include a sink with water tank, cooker and fridge. Of course, the bathroom has a shower and toilet. These types of motor yachts possess two-four bedrooms with comfortable matrasses, wardrobe, and enough space for changing.

Stepping aboard your new boat produced in Europe you can note a non-glare black helm console into which VDO instruments are placed in two tiers. On top where they are more visible, the large tachometer and speedometer flank the fuel gauge. Our craft can be equipped with a steering console. Below, but still clearly visible, are the voltmeter, temperature, oil pressure, waste, and water tank level. A lower panel holds all electrical rockers with fuse holders, flanking either side of the wheel. Everything is well identified with white-on-black lettering.

When you are ready for some water activities on your boathouse for sale, there is an integral swim platform aft finished in non-skid. There are also plenty of handholds by which even exhausted swimmers can pull themselves up. Also mounted at the exterior of the transom is a stainless grab rail that works its way into a railing for a stainless swim ladder. The ladder folds out of the way when not in use and features teak steps to give extra grip for wet feet.

Is living on a cottage on the water fun? What is a cost for mooring place for barge on their own pontoons?

Boathouse living is a lifestyle that provides the perfect escape from the world. Designed to be mobile, cabins are able to leave the dock under power and can always find a new location to anchor. They are even able to stay on a pond or mooring for extended periods of time. You can take your family on vacation for weeks without worrying about airport security lines, baggage limits, or cargo limits. A yacht is not an option if you want space and simplicity; it’s necessary if you want modern life and extravagance. Cottages on the water provide the perfect balance of both worlds: easy living and luxury at your fingertips.

Living on the water has been around for centuries and has always been seen as an efficient way of living with minimalist tendencies, but now these types of cabins are equipped with all the amenities of today's modern life. One of the first things that catch your attention is the combination of an attractive style with obvious comfort. This kind of boat is not quick – it should be equipped with strong sustainable primary engines (high thrust outboard engines are an additional cost of houseboats) and additional motors: bow and stern thrusters.

There are two types of boat houses with different prices:

  • Pontoon boats, which are built on special pontoons and
  • Self-built boats, which are built on a steel frame and come with plans for everyone to follow.

Pontoon boats are more popular because they’re cheaper than self-built boats.