We use name houseboat for luxury motor yacht and floating house on the water. Polish shipyards are producing houseboats mainly for rest reason which means big space to live: comfortable cabins with beds, separately toilet with shower and living room with kitchen. This kind of motor yacht is not quick – it should be equipped with strong sustainable primary engine (diesel) and additional motors: bow and stern thruster.

Nautic 830

  • Length: 8,30 m
  • Width: 2,90 m
  • Weigth: 3200 kg
  • Engine rec.: 30 – 150 HP
  • Cabins: 2
  • Crew: 6 persons


Stillo 30

  • Length: 9,10 m
  • Width: 3,25 m
  • Weigth: 4300 kg
  • Engine rec.: 40 HP
  • Cabins: 3
  • Crew: 8 persons


Futura 40

  • Length: 12 m
  • Width: 3,45 m
  • Weigth: 6800 kg
  • Engine rec.: 80 HP
  • Cabins: 3
  • Crew: 8 persons


Apartboat L

  • Length: 11,30 m
  • Width: 4,20 m
  • Weigth: 7000 kg
  • Engine rec.: 2×25 HP
  • Cabins: 2
  • Crew: 6 persons


Apartboat XL

  • Length: 12,00 m
  • Width: 5,00 m
  • Weigth:  kg
  • Engine rec.: 2×25 HP
  • Cabins: 2
  • Crew: 6 persons


One of the first thing which to grab your attention in our Houseboats in  thier blend of attractive styling and obvious comfort. Stepping aboard you can note a none-glare black helm console into which VDO instruments are placed in two tiers. On top where they are more visible, the large tachometer and speedometer flank the fuel gauge. Below, but still clearly visible, are the voltmeter, temperature, oil pressure, waste and water tank level. A lower panels holds all electrical rockers with fues holders, flanking either side of the wheel. Everything is well identified with white-on-black lettering.


Creature comfort in boathouse

Polish Houseboats give the helmsman a comfortable, supportive bucket seat that swivels, and plenty of room to either stand or sit. Color-coordinated carpet covers the motoryacht deck and offers good traction. The jump seats flank a padded motorbox, and thier cushions pull out and lie atop the arm rests to form as a sunpad. A shelf that rests flush on the motorbox lifts up to form table. Each jump seat lifts and slides to reveal stowage beneath – starboard side for the battery, port for an insulated ice chest.

Walk down a few steps from the cockpit and you enter the Houseboat’s cabin, one of this motorboat that will not give you claustrophobia. Ports on either side brighten up the area, while a hatch provides more light and ventilation. A V-berth and portable head make overnighting a possibility. Amenities include a kitchen that holds a sink with water tank, oven and fridge. Of course cabin with shower and toilet. These type of motor yachts possess two – four bedrooms with comfortable matraces, wardrobe and enough space for changing.

When you are ready for some water activities, there is integral swim platform aft finished in non-skid. There are also plenty of handholds by which even exhausted swimmers can pull themselves up. Also mounted at the exterior of the transom is a stainless grabrail that works its way into a railing for stainless swim ladder. The ladder folds out of they way when not in use and features teak steps to give extra grip for wet feet.


Polish houseboat production

Another value packed fiberglass stunner from Poland, with a keen edge price to compliment its performance. The brand’s products are built on on exclusive formula. They do everything right at a price that belles their place at the upper end of the market.

Polish boat house producers use patented Technology on the production line. In it’s Augustow, Ostroda and Bialystok factoriews and because it’s been making boats since 1920, it seems companies have picked up a bit about navalarchitecture alon the way. Let’s say the mBoat houseboats have “very effective construction”.