Please check houseboats of our producers:

stillo 30 houseboat mboat

Stillo 30

A well-design, ergonomic proposition for all water sports enthusiasts who like the comfort of rest and do not want to bear large fuel costs. Great motor yacht on inland waters.

Futura 40 houseboat mboat

Futura 40

One of the biggest houseboat / motor yacht on innland Polish water. Perfect posibilites to steer the boat by addition cockpit on the boat’s roof – it is called flybridge. Large space inside and outside let you rest in the best way.

houseboat lamare

La Mare

Real house floating on the water. This brand specializes in production boathouse for canal and open water. You can find here beautiful apartment in the boat.

Welcome to houseboat offer. Another value packed fiberglass stunner from Poland, with a keen edge price to compliment its performance. The brand’s products are built on on exclusive formula. They do everything right at a price that belles their place at the upper end of the market.

On paper houseboats don’t seem like anything special, untill that is you have a closer look at the fibreglass. Despite it’s fairly standard large diesel engine. Family boat still gets up and boogles. It’s what’s under the skin that makes it so special.

Polish houseboat producers use patented Technology on the production line. In it’s Augustow, Ostroda and Bialystok factoriews and because it’s been making boats since 1920, it seems companies have picked up a bit about navalarchitecture alon the way. The meaning of mBoat appears to be shrouded in secrecy. The brochures give nothing away. Let’s say the houseboat hase “very effective construction”.