Modern 11

modern 11

General Information

Houseboat Modern 11 is our latest proposal for those who really appreciate the new design and futuristic shapes. This house fits perfectly into the space of your city centre – living there you should feel included in modern society. Having also your own powerboat allows you to move quickly to a different part of your living place.





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Modern 15

Physical Specs

Houseboat: 11,00 x 4,20 m
House: 7,00 x 3,80 m
inside height: 2,18m


Recommended: Yamaha 2 x 25 HP High Trust


6 pople

A stylish home on the water: European manufacturing of modern boats

In the case of a dream like a floating house, the biggest bane is the formalities preceding the investment. The road to obtaining a design permit and registering it as a residential building is already getting shorter and shorter, as architects from one of the design studios in Warsaw have shown. This issue is clearly defined by law. The approach of urban planners and planners for this type of water structure is definitely true. It is up to them to decide whether a given investment will be built on the land they have planned, and we have more and more such concepts in large cities.

Who among us hasn’t dreamt of waking up in the virgin part of a country, on the shores of a pristine river or lake, without giving up hotel standards? We are now able to buy or rent a place that allows for all this. Floating houses (on displacement hull) as Modern 11 can become not only a seasonal adventure but even a lifestyle and an investment in the future. Given the rapid climate change and the risk of flooding large areas of land with water, floating houses seem a rational remedy for global warming. Something that currently seems to be an extravagant idea for spending free time may turn out to be a visionary solution in a few years’ time.

However, for those who do not look so far into the future, a houseboat on the water may be a great place to spend their leisure time in the season. Here, we should particularly bear in mind the housing standards, which are generally not very high in the areas adjacent to the water as opposed to boathouses.