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Many shipbuilders have oriented themselves to the needs of modern customers and have developed powerboats to meet the needs of the growing number of weekend sailors. One of them is the Beneteau Antares 8, a combination of a fast and stable boat with the comfort of a large bow cabin, saloon, 1 berth under the saloon, kitchenette and toilet.

Ask for price with Yamaha 250 HP outboard engine.


Safe navigation on the Antares 8 boat. Competitive price for great dimensions.

The side aisles on the deck are slightly narrower, which in turn gives more inches to the sundeck. It is centrally located on the cabin roof, where there are upholstered cushions. When the cushions are removed, or just the centre cushion, a large skylight opens to illuminate the forward cabin. In the case of the bow of the Antares 8, it is interesting to note that the railing is angled outwards and placed at a distance along its length, as well as the mooring bollard over the bow. This kept the bow deck and side passage free from obstruction. A large cover is fitted over the entire top of the bow, under which is a rack for mounting the electric anchor windlass, rope storage and anchor chain. Ask for the price of these options on the Antares 8 boat.

Beneteau 8 for sale with spacious cockpit and comfortable swimming platforms

As expected there are storage compartments in all the cockpit benches in Antares 8 for sale. They are very tasty and well upholstered. A stainless steel backrest and cup holders have been added to the aft bench. Some of us like to make the cockpit an enclosed space. The stainless steel construction and sun awning (canopy) above all solve this problem, and as we wrote earlier, then the cockpit and saloon by opening the sliding door are transformed into a space where privacy is guaranteed. Mention should be made of the mooring from the stern, where the port bollard is reached via the side bench, and very easily and quickly accessed via the aft platform. However, access to the starboard bollard is much easier, and it is more logical to tie a line to it first when mooring, as it is on the edge of the stern rail.

Quick and easy communication in Beneteau 8 is also aided by the fact that the aft cockpit and stern platform are almost on the same level. On vessels with outboard engines at the stern, there is not much room for the stern platforms. Here they are a little smaller, so an indentation has been added on the starboard platform where folding stainless steel ladders overlap, and there is also a stainless steel handrail on the side to facilitate climbing from the sea.

The classic interior design in cabin cruiser boat from French shipyard

If we call the right side of the living room the working side, because it is used for preparing meals, we can freely call the left side the side for rest and pleasure. It consists of the most common construction of two benches and a central table on a telescopic leg. You know the rest of the story about Antares boat; there is storage in the benches, the table folds out so it can be made bigger and smaller, or it can be lowered to bench level and turned into a bed by adding a cushion. One person can sleep here, dare we say, comfortably yet airily. If you wish, the sliding side windows of the living room can be opened, as well as the roof window. What we’ve been seeing a lot lately is the ability to fold down the backrest and move the front bench so that you can sit behind it either backwards or forwards. Sitting forward there is a handrail but also cup holders.

We should not compare how we used to sail and what the minimum conditions were for a multi-day stay at sea, but we should compare today’s really high standard and comfort on family boats like on Beneteau Antares 8, which offer everything for a lifetime at sea, but maybe slightly smaller in size. From this comfort it is more comfortable to stay on a yacht that offers slightly larger cabins, space for a toilet and perhaps a separate shower.

Antares 8 OB with outboards has good performance

The helmsman’s seat is located on the galley block, which is the fridge of the ship. It is adjustable and provides an excellent view of the console, especially towards the hips. This is how it should be, as a ship of this design deserves it.

Additional information

Overall length

8,23 m

Hull length

6,98 m

Max width

2,80 m

Engine max

250 HP

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Antonio, UK

    I am enchanted by the design of the Antares 8 boat. This model is not very popular and is hard to find it for sale in Europe.

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