Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser

This is a Quicksilver boat of the Activ 675 series in the Cruiser version with a hull length of 6.20 m + swim platforms. The presented boat is a tastefully and richly equipped day cruiser (a very popular category of motorboats recently) with a capacity of up to 7 passengers, good sailing and high speed. The Quicksilver 675 Cruiser is a boat that fully meets all the requirements of a day cruiser. This means it has a fridge, fresh water for showers and a toilet. If you need more weekend boat, check out the discounted offer for Quicksilver 675 – a new model from Brunswick shipyard, designed for longer trips with family or friends.


The cockpit as the most important part of day cruiser motorboats

We will start at the stern, where it should be noted that the stern platform of the QS 675 Cruiser is raised well above the waterline. It is only a few centimetres below the level of the gangway from the cockpit to the stern. Such a high platform provided the volume of the old wet storage. Namely, the locker has a cut-out of a few centimetres through which to squeeze wet gear, ropes and the like. This height also necessitated the installation of slightly longer ladders to get out of the sea. These are tucked under cover on the right side of the platform, which is to the right of the outboard engine. Both the platform and the well are slightly less recessed in the hull, so when lifting the engine from the sea the platform behind the well is lowered so that the engine can be lifted freely from the sea. The aft platform and cockpit can be covered with teak. It should also be added that the stern posts are placed on the railing so that they are easily accessible from the cockpit and from the platform.

Quicksilver 675 Cruiser for sale – boat’s specifications, interior

On the Quicksilver 675 Cruiser, the passage towards the bow has been replaced with treads to allow access to the bow deck, i.e. the bow sun deck, noting that this is done in the same way by raising the windscreen. The deck is lined with teak, which looks very nice and luxurious. The fence here has been extended for safety, so that it surrounds the entire sun deck. It is open from the top to make it easier to get out. The bow bunker contains ropes and anchor chain, and an anchor winch can be mounted on the platform. The entire bow deck in Activ 675 Cruiser for sale is made at the same level and this is where the cabin window, which is located in the middle of the sun deck, is reflected. Not a problem as he, like the whole bow deck, puts cushions on it. The main difference between the Bowrider and the Cruiser is that the Cruiser’s cabin extends below the entire bow deck. The cabin is entered through a centrally located passageway, obviously with a sliding door made of obscure Plexiglas. As expected, the cabin is simple for maximum efficiency. This means that there is a circular bench in the centre with storage, which in turn turns into a bed for two with the addition of the floor. When the floor and cushions are inserted, the entire cabin becomes a bed.

QS 675 Cruiser test – check how the boat behaves in navigation, our review

An outboard engine of at least 150hp should be fitted to the Cruiser boat, in the most powerful combination with the Mercury 226 HP V6 engine the Quicksilver Activ 675 will pull more than 30 knots, but let’s be realistic, with lower revs and slightly lower speeds you can sail more miles with less fuel consumption. The boat is appreciated equally by families with children and fun-seeking companies. Overall, the Quicksilver 675 CR boat provides good performance. Six metres in length, as a barrier to stability on the high seas, ensures that the boat can continue to be driven in more complex sea conditions. The leaning in the bend is good. A manufacturer such as Quicksilver need not be specifically advertised. It is one of the largest boat manufacturers in the world, and every model is thoroughly checked before going into series production to eliminate any shortcomings. In general, the increase in the quality of production, but also in the level of minimum boat equipment, has resulted in users in all segments gaining more and more. Comfort has made boats safer at sea, as length has also contributed to stability. More powerful engines are also appearing, followed by higher and higher speeds, as it is increasingly important to get to the destination as quickly as possible in order to use as much time as possible for quality pleasure at sea.

The Quicksilver helm – good price for the best quality

Under the sloping windscreen the helm is controlled in the tried and tested good Quicksilver way. The console with instrument slots, the plotter mounting panel and the switch panel, all expertly done, at the optimum angle so that the skipper has the best view of the dashboard, with as little sun as possible. Both the steering wheel and the side-mounted power lever fit harmoniously into the overall story – everything included in standard Quicksilver 675 Cruiser price. The helm position is quite lowered, but still the view of the bow and horizon is full, with a sufficiently high windscreen to protect the skipper but also the whole cockpit from the wind.

Additional information

Overall length

6,40 m

Hull length

6,20 m

Max width

2,46 m


1,83 m

Bridge clearance

1,43 m


1234 kg

Engine max

225 HP

Design category



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