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Parker boats as a leading Polish brand in Europe!

Parker boats designed and manufactured in Poland have always been very popular among customers from Western Europe. In Germany, Switzerland and, above all, in Scandinavia, within just a few years, several hundred flagship models of Parker boats with Mercury outboard engines were sold.

Askeladden – scandynavian brand of Parker boats

As a result of new inquiries and comments made by Scandinavian dealers, the concept of creating a new Askeladden brand was created. The basic changes concern hull equipment, different nomenclature and approach to the dimensions of powerboats. The former were the result of the aforementioned discussions with foreign market customers. While changes in the hull line are not visible to the naked eye, subtle differences can be seen in the interior design. In some models there are more places to sleep on two double berths. The standard in the cabin cruiser class boats is a sea toilet with water and waste tank, a galley with kitchen and refrigerator.

It may seem superfluous and unnecessary to put additional items in the Askeladden boat, but after the last visits to the tests at Norwegian dealers you can be sure that this is an absolute standard in the Scandinavian markets (especially among thier Pilot house boats. I think that the Parker boats builder only deserves praise for meeting the needs of its most important customers.

Parker motor boat manufacturer

The hull line is the result of evolution and changes made by computer simulations. The bonding technology is used to join the deck with the planing hull, and additionally these elements are bolted mechanically. All structural elements inside are based on laminate inserts, finished with non-slip gelcoat. The bottom is usually covered with dark antifouling. Dark leather and wood are used in the selection of colours of cockpit and cabin interior elements.

High quality waterproof materials are used to cover seats and sofas. Furniture, shelves, cabinets, lockers and the bathroom cabin are made of beautiful material. It is worth adding that such a solution is also influenced by British standards. Wood perfectly emphasizes higher quality and probably everyone prefers it to the popular way of finishing with ordinary plastic. Also the passageways and the exit ladder were covered with an anti-slip teak layer.

Power boats with extremly strong Mercury ourboard engines

In Day Cruisers, the bow deck is surrounded by a low, split rail made of tubular profiles made of stainless steel. A characteristic place on the bow deck is an embossing in the cabin roof, covered with non-slip teak, which can also serve as an additional seat. The helmsman is provided with a two-seater sofa with an adjustable backrest. A high windscreen made of tinted glass protects the pilot very well from water impacts. Above the windscreen there is a metal clamp made of tubular profile, to which in turn a navigation mast is attached.

In the spacious cockpit there was a place for a U-shaped sofa lined with a mattress and a folding table. After reversing the backrest of the helmsman’s seat, a quite comfortable place for the whole crew to feast on the air is made. Unfortunately flybridge is not common used even in the biggest Parker boats.