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Welcome to the offer of one of the largest houseboats, which travels like a regular motor boat on European canals and rivers. Our barge house for sale has been built on 15m x 5m pontoons, can accommodate even 12 people and can be empowered by 2 x 50 High Trust outboards. The barge’s layout can be adjusted to the customer’s needs.

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The largest houseboat factory in Europe



A barge house is a type of houseboat, which is a floating home that is built on a barge-style hull and is used as a permanent residence or vacation home. These homes are typically moored at marinas or along waterways and offer a unique living experience with water views and access to nearby boating and recreational activities.

Barge house London – good place to moor a boat at good price in the UK

Our barge houses can be found on the River Thames and offer a unique form of waterfront living in the heart of the city. They have become a popular alternative for those seeking a more affordable housing option or a way to live closer to nature in the bustling city. House barges for sale in London can range from simple and functional to luxurious and spacious, depending on the owner’s budget and style.

Barge houses in London have been around for centuries and are a unique part of the city’s history. They were once used as homes on the water for families, but now they are often used as a tourist attraction or a place to stay while visiting the city. Barge homes provide an interesting glimpse into the past, with their traditional wooden designs and intricate details. They are also an excellent way to explore London’s waterways, giving visitors an insight into the city’s past and present. From traditional barge house tours to modern luxury house accommodation, there is something for everyone in this unique corner of London.

House barge for sale – manufacturer in Poland

Barge houses can be manufactured by a variety of companies specializing in floating houses and other similar types of water-based housing. Some of these companies design and build custom barges according to the buyer’s specifications, while others offer a range of standard models with different sizes, layouts, and features.

A few examples of house barges built by manufacturers in Europe:

  1. Dutch Barge – Dutch models are designed in traditional and modern ways for residential and commercial use.
  2. River Dwellings – English houses designed to the customer’s requirements.
  3. Floating Homes – barges manufactured by Polish builders designed for modern living and with a focus on eco-friendly construction.

It’s important to research and compare the services and products of different barge house manufacturers before making a decision.

Additional information

Overall length

15,00 m

Max width

5,05 m

House dimensions

11,00 m x 4,50 m


2 x 50 HP High Trust

Design category



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