Fishing boat

Especially in spring and summer, fishing boats are one of the most popular vessels on rivers, lakes and seas. Nice weather, sun and pleasant temperatures attract almost all avid anglers to the water. Our offer includes mainly cabin pilothouse fishing boats, but we can also offer open boats.

Fishing is not just about catching fish and hunting for fish and other animals that live in the water. For sport fishermen, fishing is a pleasure, a way of life, a hedonism. Anglers, especially those who enjoy fishing, know very well how much fun it is to be on the shore or on a boat and catch fish.

Types of new boats for fishers - a new life for fishing boats for sale in Europe

All those who would like to fish a little further from the shore must have a proper fishing boat. It should be equipped with the right nautical gear so that the fishing can go smoothly.

It is important to say that there are many types and kinds of fishing boats. Different types of fishing boats also offer different types of experiences on the water while fishing. Generally, the type of fishing boat mainly depends on the type of water you would like to fish in. Therefore, all fishing boats can be divided into two main categories – freshwater fishing boats and offshore fishing boats.

Freshwater fishing boats

If you want to fish in a lake or other type of freshwater, you need to keep in mind that there are specialized types of fishing boats.

  • Bass boats. If you really want to fish for bass (trout), this fishing boat is the right option for you. These boats are used in shallow and calm waters. They can be made of aluminum or fiberglass with enough space for two people and boating equipment.
  • Cabin boats. As the name suggests, these boats have a cabin to protect the fisherman. This means that these boats provide less space on the fishing deck, but are ideal for rough waters. Pilothouse boats have a larger outside deck at the expense of the cabin.
  • Side Console Boats. These are versatile boats with dual consoles and a pass-through between them. They offer more capacity for gear storage and seating compared to rubber boats. It can accommodate six or more anglers.

Saltwater fishing boats

If you plan to fish offshore or in other saltwater, you have the following types of fishing boats available:

  • Interchangeable boats. These boats are great for fishing from shore. They have enough room for boating and fishing gear, and they are also fairly fast. They are also often called sport fishing boats. They have a cabin, are a bit more expensive, but are ideal for “full-time” fishing.
  • Center console boats. A fishing boat designed to “fight” the sea and sea waves. You will often hear the name “open boat” for them because they have an open deck layout. It has plenty of room for boating equipment, fishing gear, and tackle boxes.
  • Bay Boats. These boats are great for fishing in calm and stable parts of the water where there are no currents. They are made of fiberglass or composite materials. They are not “fancy” but provide great options for seating and gear storage.

What to look for when buying a fishing boat?

When looking to get a fishing boat in your own style and for your own needs, there are several factors to consider when buying.

First of all, it is important to get accurate and detailed information about everything. Find out everything you can about the type of boat you want to buy, find all the information on the Internet or use various boating magazines, publications or brochures. Never go beyond your financial means when shopping. In doing so, don’t only consider the cost of the purchase, but also all the accompanying expenses. We are talking about the cost of accessories and parts, maintenance costs, fuel, insurance and registration of these boats and a host of other additional costs.

It is important to choose a fishing boat of the right size and dimensions. This primarily depends on whether you plan to fish alone or in the company. Also, if you plan to stay on the water for a long time, you should buy one that has enough available capacity to accommodate all the necessary fishing and boating equipment. We are talking about fuel tanks, fishing nets, fishing boxes, rod holders and many other boating and fishing parts and equipment.

Consider whether you want to buy a new or used boat. Both have their advantages, and buying a used or new fishing boat depends entirely on your ability to pay. Whether the boat is used or not, always inspect it for any defects, malfunctions, cracks, signs of potential leaks or damage. Fishing is fun, but safety on the water is always a priority.

Finally, if given the opportunity, test the fishing boat or take it for a “test drive”. This way, you’ll find out firsthand if the boat is comfortable and easy to use, what its specifications are, if navigation is easy, and so on.

What should a motorboat be equipped with?

When preparing for fishing, you probably spend a lot of time paying attention to the basic fishing equipment: rod, hooks, net, motor fuel, lights and electronics like fish finders from Lowrance. However, we assure you that this is not all you need from your fishing boat equipment.

To make your fishing quality but also safe, you must always have the following equipment on your small fishing boat:

  • An extra life belt.
  • A small anchor. This is especially important when fishing in windy conditions because the anchoring equipment prevents the fishing boat from wandering off in the wrong direction.
  • Multi-functional tool. An ever-useful “tool” that can be found in any situation and for any occasion.
  • Wax. Items and equipment on small fishing boats, such as ropes, can become very sticky. Wax is an excellent lube that can be used to lubricate the desired area.
  • Nylon socks. It may sound funny and weird, but nylon socks can really help in unforeseen situations. You can use them to make a filter for your drinking water or a strainer in case contaminants get into your fuel.

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