Quicksilver Captur 675 Pilothouse

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Quicksilver 675 Pilothouse is an ideal proposal for our weather conditions, its construction allows for swimming, in medium weather, it can be used practically all year round. The boat is easy to manoeuvre in the narrow alleys of the port, even a less experienced person will easily manage to reach the quays. The craft can be equipped with an engine with a maximum power of 200 HP, which will allow moving this planing hull quickly at 25 knots.

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Anglers, in particular, will find the cockpit designed by Quicksilver manufacturer for their needs. It can be instantly transformed from a seating area (with a table) into a working space equipped with lockers, fish containers (with water change by pump) or a live bait container. The whole is completed by a rod stand on the roof of the superstructure. You can also use something like a “roof rack”. (for additional containers or a raft or other means of rescue), and the reflectors will find a place in special holders so as not to interfere with fishing.

Model Quicksilver 675 Pilothouse Explorer – a boat designed for anglers

The steering position is doubled – one from the superstructure, the other at the stern. The steering position provides 360 degrees of visibility. The yacht is easy to move around – sailors are protected by high bulwarks and rails. The 675 Explorer boat is also equipped with a cooker, fridge, toilet (although not in a separate room), and in the superstructure mattresses can be unfolded and two people can easily spend the night there. Much more comfortable boat would be Quicksilver 640 Weekend or its larger version Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend.

The large working area in the boat cockpit

The large cockpit of the Quicksilver 675 Pilothouse motorboat has a bait preparation station Fish boxes with pump down system and seawater rinsing system. Four fishing rod holders are also standard onboard. Thanks to the folding seats and the configurable cockpit table, the working area can be converted in minutes into a spacious sitting and dining area where the freshly caught fish can be eaten or just enjoy the sun. The larger brother Arvor 810 is the leader in cockpit space among all Quicksilver pilot boats.

Comfort on Quicksilver Captur 675 board

The cabin of the Captur 675 Pilothouse offers four seats, which can be converted into a berth for two people, which also makes it possible to spend the night on the water. A marine toilet and the galley including sink, refrigerator, freshwater system and portable cooker and inside steering position with hydraulic steering and GPS fishfinder complete the comfort on this cruiser board. In addition to a second steering position in the cockpit, the 675 offers an amazing amount of storage space on the cockpit floor and under the extra-wide benches. A fully lined storage area under the galley and further space under the galley offer a choice of easily accessible places to store all the things you need for fishing and leisure.

The boat was designed based on an older brother Quicksilver 630 Pilothouse which has a large outside cockpit but really a small cabin.

Additional information

Overall length

6,55 m

Max width

2,54 m

Engine max

225 HP

Design category


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Gabriel, Suomi

    Vanha malli Captur 675 Pilothouse. Muistan kokemuksia Itämerellä risteilystä. Hinta kaikilla vaihtoehdoilla oli hyvä.

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