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The Quicksilver Arvor 810 boat is one of the larger models that has retained the recognisable sharp rectangular cabin shape. It is a stable boat with high sides, intended primarily for fishing enthusiasts, so it is no wonder that it does not resemble a sports boat, but a work boat. However, the Captur Arvor 810 is not a typical work boat, and what sets it apart is the equipment and materials used to decorate the interior. In this case, they make the whole story luxurious.

Quicksilver 810 Arvor boat is out of production – check out the new model: Quicksilver 805 Pilothouse.

Although it looks very similar to its predecessors, the Arvor 730 and 690, this model first catches the eye with its much larger cabin, spacious cockpit and wide aisles. The natural increase in dimensions has resulted in a larger footprint and the stability of this unit, which has bridged the gap between the 755 and 905 models.


Captur 810 Arvor – the heritage of Quicksilver shipyard

In the cockpit on the starboard side, although it wasn’t realistically necessary, a dedicated gas cylinder locker has been added with brackets to secure the cylinder in the socket. If we were to briefly describe the cockpit and highlight the essentials, the word ‘comfortable’ would suffice. The Arvor working cockpit, which is subject to comfortable movement and work with fishing tools, is surrounded by high sides.

Although the Quicksilver boat can correctly serve for family cruises, the wheelhouse (we do not call it a cabin) is designed as a place to receive fishermen both during the day and at night, or as a place to work, or a place to rest and live at sea. Plenty of light in the Arvor 810 interior is provided by large side windows, a large windscreen and a rear sliding door, which is also made of tinted plexiglass. In the interior design it is clear that the emphasis is on the enjoyment of the helmsman and a few fishing companions. Just behind the rear sliding doors are two seats. These are, of course, placed on boxes with the classic storage compartment on the starboard side, one of many on board.

The interior of old Quicksilver Pilothouse: what options can we order?

A 50-litre fridge has been installed under the helmsman’s seat. The steering console is made somewhat spartan. The grey plastic is placed on the right side along the side and is connected to the wheelhouse floor by a stainless steel exterior. Among the accessories along with the steering wheel in 810 boat we should say about:

  • engine instruments,
  • switches and fuses,
  • a large plotter,
  • a fishfinder which built into the panel fits well.

Is it new Arvor 810 boat for sale? What is the price?

The left seat is in the refrigerator as a part of the boat that serves to prepare food, because the chair is connected to the kitchen block. It is also a crate on which are a stove and a sink with running water and a small storage room. If we are looking for more comfortable interior let’s check a Quicksilver 855 Weekend. Both boats are not for sale any long thus we cannot give you a price and any other costs.

As there are no rod holders on the outside of the boat, the space on the left above the kitchen area was used for this. This way the rods are locked in the wheelhouse when not in use. Apart from the large corner bench following the bow lines, which is obviously a large bed for two or even three people, there is a real ship’s toilet in the bow. It is hidden under the floor of the seat under the captain’s feet. We will reiterate that the Quicksilver Arvor 810 will do quite well for family cruising and shorter trips, but that is not its purpose. As a complete hit it will be seen by anglers who are looking for something more than a classic work boat, without, of course, sacrificing the minimum of an enjoyable stay at sea.

Additional information

Overall length

8,30 m

Hull length

7,49 m

Max width

2,93 m


2775 kg

Engine max

220 HP

Design category


2 reviews for Quicksilver 810 Arvor

  1. 5 out of 5

    Eoinburns, USA

    Saw an Arvor 810 for sale in Australia – there are a lot of Arvor boats there. It was a good time when I was fishing with Quicksilver. Now my health will not allow me to be in the rough seas, but the boat is perfect for hard weather conditions. Good diesel inboard engine.

  2. 5 out of 5

    anthony bonello

    where can i find one in europe second hand

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