Quicksilver 705 Pilothouse


Price includes Mercury F150 HP engine.

Fishing from a boat has long been more than just a way of hunting for food. It is a way of life, and a whole new category of anglers is testament to this. Lavishly equipped boats that allow for long stays at sea offer comfort to anglers. Such is the latest Quicksilver Captur 705 Pilothouse, which provides quick access to the desired fishing spot, the comfort of a weather-proof cabin for a more comfortable stay at sea and the ergonomics of a large cockpit for working with fishing tools . Of course, fishing is not the only limitation, as with a power range of 115 to 225 hp aft, the 705 Pilothouse can quickly transport eight passengers to the bay for a swim or a family weekend at sea.


In addition to the steering console in the wheelhouse, the boat offers another control station in the cockpit. The sliding side door for easy access to the side of the boat is also interesting, as is the cabin area, which also allows for overnight accommodation.

On Quicksilver boats, everything is arranged with equipment packages, so in addition to the Smart Edition equipment as the optimum equipment package, there is also the Cabin Comfort, Fish and Electronic equipment package, all with the ideal equipment in mind.

Additional information

Overall length

6,63 m

Max width

2,54 m


1627 kg

Engine max

225 HP

Design category



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