Beneteau boats

In a trend of adding more powerful outboard engines to larger boats, Beneteau has done the motoring in this way for the Antares series, which consists of four models. Until recently, the Antares 9 OB was the largest model in the Antares series with outboard engines. Deliveries of the first Antares 11 OB are currently being made. By the time of the eleventh Antares 9 OB will have the most powerful 1x 350 hp or 2x 200 hp.

Antares series - cabin cruiser boats from French shipyard

The level of facilities on boats in the past and today is very different. It used to be enough to bring a canister of water that had already overheated by midday, and it was normal to sleep on some handy bed that didn't really exist. Things have changed, sailors have become more demanding, it has become normal to have a fridge, a normal kitchen and a toilet on board. What has also changed is that sailing used to be slower and that it took longer. Today the most desirable class of boat is the cabin cruiser. Today the most common cruises are day trips, closely followed by weekend cruises. The hectic pace of life has left us with only so much time for one ordinary weekend cruise. You know it right? And when this is the case, when practice shows us that we are mostly limited to a few days, let this time be "on the level" that the Beneteau boats manufacturer guarantees.

The quality of Beneteau boats for sale in Europe

When you pay attention to all the elements of functionality, quality and appearance, you get a boat with a compact design. What is important about such boats, which are backed by shipbuilders who make large batches, is that there are no mistakes and there can be none. Every model goes through rigorous and extensive factory testing before going into production. Antares boats have gone through this and there are no details that have not been taken into account. This applies to all aspects of a Beneteau boat, from sea behaviour to build quality and ergonomics, as well as the performance of the user part of the vessel. It doesn't take much to convince yourself of this.

Beneteau outboards: Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and now Mercury engines

This year Mercury and Beneteau have prepared a joint global launch for Beneteau boat models to be equipped with Mercury engines in special conditions. The decision to work together in a global collaboration comes exactly two years after this package offering hit the North American market, where it proved to be a winning combination of boat and top engine. This choice enables future owners to purchase and equip their boats not only with higher quality and more reliable drives, but also to achieve exceptional performance.

If you choose to have your future Beneteau boat bundled with it, you will receive a matching Mercury engine. If you want this combination, you can order now or wait for the official presentation at one of the first spring shows and arrange a test cruise.