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Antares 9 OB has a satisfyingly high speed, offshore version with a B sailing category, making it a cruiser suitable for European seas. The B category means that this is a marine boat for heavy sea conditions, but also that all manoeuvres are safe and stable. Management is easy thanks to the Yamaha command system. With all these performance advantages and enviable equipment, it’s easier to forget about home and relax during a few days at sea at an enviable Beneteau level.


The Antares 9 cabin cruiser boat provides us with full comfort while walking from the bow to the cockpit

Moving the hips towards the aft of the upper cabin cockpit, or helm lounge, has been moved to the left, allowing a greater width of the starboard aisle. The left aisle is at one level to the cockpit descent, with the addition of laminated steps. The Beneteau Antares 9 starboard side is a different story. It is a wider gangway and the bow deck is already lowered to cockpit level forward, just forward of the sliding door next to the helmsman’s console. Moving through the sliding door, which in navigation and especially in manoeuvring is only for the skipper to get to the stern or bow quickly, is excellent. The railing on the saloon roof is good for navigating on the port side. Although it is mounted on the starboard side due to the great height of the side rail protecting the gangway, it does not have an exaggerated purpose.

Looking from the side you can see that the cockpit has suffered the least, mainly due to the expansion of the saloon cabin. It can be said that by opening the sliding rock, the space turns into one large space, but even so, the open part of the cockpit is reduced to a bench that touches the port side and part of the stern. The back part of the bench was still used for the passage to the aft platform. Possible cockpit solutions what is in standard Antares price include adding a table on a telescopic leg or converting the stern into a sun deck. For the sundeck version, the table top should be lowered between the benches and an upholstered cushion added. To make use of the space, the aft bench is mounted on sliding rails. This is because there is not enough space around the engine to allow the outboard motors to be raised. If the outboard engines need to be lifted from the sea, the bench is moved forward and the engines can then be lifted from the sea.

Beneteau 9 for sale – great interior design at a good price

Although this is a boat of almost ten metres and the fact that the saloon is cantilevered from the cockpit, there can be no wastage of space and decoration. Antares 9 is a boat that partly has its own fishing pedigree, but only partly. Fishing yes, it is possible, but the Beneteau Antares 9 for sale is designed primarily for cruising and being at sea for a few days. For some it will be two days and someone will easily spend a whole holiday. This is ultimately a matter of personal choice and comfort, which we do not submit to.

The sliding wall already mentioned opens up to face the kitchen block, which is then very well ventilated. The kitchen block is to the right of the living room and as it should be positioned so that the gas cooker is first out. Next to it is the sink and at the end is a smaller work surface. Everything to furnish the kitchen area should fit in the kitchen block cupboard, which also houses the ship’s fridge as there are no top units.

Spacious berths, separate bedrooms, a real motor yacht with compactable dimensions from Beneteau shipyard

Descending to the lower deck, you come to three identical doors, one middle and two side doors. The front, most comfortable cabin in Beneteau 9 OB we will call the captain’s room. There is little space in front of the double bed, but that’s why it has them on the sides. The reason for this is that the bearings can be shifted, i.e. the bearings can be changed from double to two separate ones. All personal belongings for your stay at sea can be stored under the floor of the bed, and only some of them in one side cabinet. If you like to sleep in spacious rooms, you can do so by opening the skylight.

In addition to this bed for two people and the lounge bed for one person, there is another double bed under the lounge floor. Of course, it is also separated by a door, where this cabin offers only a small cupboard as an accessory. The ship’s toilet is, as usual, located on the lower deck. Nothing big, yet sufficient for basic needs with a shower in front of the toilet and a sink.

The Antares 9 OB helm and main outboard drive with offshore version – boat’s performance

As part of the living room dimensions, the control console is a good measure of space compliance. With a large panel for mounting plotters, and in this case motor instruments, the console provides a convenient place to mount all the necessary equipment, switches and all. Switches are located on a smaller platform next to the lever handle with the addition of another cup holder just for the skipper. It also has a side sliding door for quick access to the bow and stern.

The Antares 9 OB boat with a length of just over 9 metres, a waterline length of 7.98 mi wide of 2.96 m has settled into the market. The 4340kg displacement vessel was created using Airstep technology to jet the underwater part of the hull, where special tunnels from the sides introduce air under the hull and mix with the sea.

If you are one of those who opt for less power, below 250 hp, the Antares 9 powerboat reaches a speed of about twenty knots. When we talk about the Yamaha 2 x 200 hp, depending on sea conditions, the hand stops at almost 40 knots, which again is very decent.

Additional information

Overall length

8,25 m

Hull length

7,98 m

Max width

2,99 m

Bridge clearance

2,75 m


3776 kg

Engine max

Twin: 2 x 200 HP

Design category

B-6 / C-10

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Jack, UK

    I imported the Beneteau 9 OB when it was the largest boat in the Antares series. I think there is really enough space for a weekend family cruise.

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