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The Quicksilver 805 Cruiser for sale is a classic family day cruiser with modern but balanced lines that, together with some design details, produce a very harmonious and pleasing to the eye whole. Precisely composed details give the elegance that this boat presents at first glance, skilfully hiding any design concessions made in favour of greater functionality.

Our partner has one boat in stock, fully equipped with Mercury 300 HP V8.


The average skipper is increasingly looking for a family cruiser that develops great speed and the family can sail in comfort on short summer cruises. The reason for this is obvious: the time that can be spent at sea for work is getting shorter and shorter and is often reduced to a holiday and possibly a holiday weekend. Blessed are those who can do otherwise! A typical representative of this category is a vessel between 6 and 8 metres long, which is optimal both in terms of operation and maintenance. One of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Quicksilver, has decided to produce a whole line of boats that should meet the needs of the market. The models coming out of this yard are expected to set new standards in terms of design and ergonomics. Are you looking for Quicksilver 805 Pilothouse? Click the link.

Large front space for sunbathing on your Quicksilver 805 Cruiser boat

The appearance of the Quicksilver Activ 805 Cruiser, apart from this harmoniously shaped bow, is partly disturbed by the anchor guide, which protrudes significantly from the vessel’s profile. Realistically speaking, moving across the bow between the two stainless steel handrails raised in front, there is no need to worry about jamming against either the guide or the anchor. Namely, everything is below, that is, at tread and deck level. On each side, along the edge of the wide gangway (boat’s dimensions allow to have it), there are mooring bollards. Leaning outwards, they are easily accessible for work, yet away from the part you are walking on. The entire bow section is effectively one large flat area, interrupted only by the cabin roof windows. Therefore, the cushioned bow can be turned into a large sun deck, but in reality it is a real family beach! The entire Activ 805 range has waterproof cushions in cream shades, which gives them a pleasing appearance – standard specification.

Detailed specifications of Quicksilver day cruiser offshore boats

The classic motorboat design of the front of the cockpit proved to be the best solution. It consists of placing the steering part of the boat on the right side and the helmsman’s seat on the left side. The height of the windscreen and its angle provide good protection from the wind for both the skipper and all passengers. The steering is kept in dark grey tones and tastefully enhanced with leather details above the dashboard and on the steering wheel. The corner of the Quicksilver Activ 805 Cruiser’s panel is positioned for good visibility, with enough space left in the central area to mount a larger plotter and several other instruments. As this unit was designed by connoisseurs, the motor instrument cluster has been added in the right-hand corner, above the power lever, and the switches and fuses have been lowered below the skipper’s field of vision. Worth mentioning is the width of the bench, which realistically accommodates two people, who are sure to be delighted by the cup holders and the shelf for cards and trinkets that we keep close at hand. Everything at standard price.

Cockipt at standard price – the most comfortable space on Quicksilver 805 Cruiser for sale

Below, towards the stern of the ship behind the captain’s seat, we have the galley. A single-burner gas cooker is fitted in the wider section, while the narrower section leaves room for the installation of a small sink with a folding faucet. A 50-litre fridge and cupboard are built into the body of the kitchen block. The most interesting part of the 805 Cruiser for sale cockpit is the aft bench. Here, too, the classic turned out to be the best. By lowering the telescopic table leg to the level of the bench and adding a cushion, the entire aft section, apart from the passage to the stern, turns into a large bed, i.e. a sun deck. Completing this luxury is a backrest that can be tilted back.

If the weather demands it or you want privacy, the unobtrusively placed awning on the sides can be raised and the entire cockpit closed in a flash. An interesting detail is that the awning, when folded, lies tucked under the cover in the floor, so it won’t get stuck when leaving the aft platform. For a little extra space, the Quicksilver boat’s aft platform is extended on each side of the outboard motors. When you add to this the fact that there is a cover on the engine and an extra tread, you get a simple but very useful solution. On the stern platform, there is one water locker on each side, and hidden under the tread are ladders to get out of the sea. The price of the Quicksilver 805 Cruiser starts from around EUR 80,000 net for a standard boat with the Mercury 250 V8 single outboard engine – all other options and packs are for extra price. The boat can be fitted with a twin-engine installation (2 x Mercury 200 HP). The price makes this boat affordable to buy in Europe.

Activ Cruiser interior: 4 berths + toilet

Already from the outside it is clear that Quicksilver 805 Cruiser has not skimped on cabin volume. Descending two stairs leads to a fairly deep cabin (interior). By lowering the floor, it was obtained at the height of the cabin, thanks to which, in addition to the large forward berth, there is also a real ship’s toilet. In addition to the forward berth, there is another double berth, which can also be used for storing equipment. As this Day Cruiser has been designed to enjoy the sea, it is assumed that passengers will mainly stay in the cockpit, so everything for a comfortable stay is in the cockpit. The cabin has been designed solely as a place to relax.

Additional information

Overall length

7,88 m

Hull length

7,63 m

Max width

2,55 m


2,26 m

Bridge clearance

1,80 m


1813 kg

Engine max

Single: 400 HP / Twin: 2 x 200 HP

Design category


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Mike, Slovakia

    The largest cruiser on the market at a still reasonable price. Quicksilver 805 was on sale in Poland and I did not hesitate to order it to enjoy the upcoming summer of 2022.

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