Modern 15

modern 15 house

General Information

Houseboat Modern 15 is our latest proposal for those who really appreciate the new materials and comfortable space. This house is designed for those who love their own apartaments and are thinking of investing in a floating hotel.

Enjoying nature in your own houseboat

More and more people are escaping from the hustle and bustle of big cities to the peaceful and serene countryside. Waterfront properties are the most popular, especially on well-known, well-connected lakes. However, buying or renting a lakeside home is usually not only expensive, but also comes with some special features to consider.

How can you make the most of Modern 15?

A houseboat in a popular location can be used in many ways. The most obvious use, of course, is to move in and enjoy the magnificent view yourself.

Alternatively, if we buy our own houseboat, then it can be used as a holiday home, and while we are away it can be rented out, thus generating additional income. Since lakeside properties are among the most sought-after locations, a high rent is justified here.

This boat is also a solution for those who plan to own a modern, representative office in the city centre. Imagine your surprise when you invite your partners to your home on the water.

Our clients have turned their attention to having a luxury hotel that can move on the water – and it is mainly for them that the Modern 15 model was created.





Less expensive?

Modern 11

Physical Specs

Houseboat: 15,00 x 5,00 m
House: 11,00 x 4,80 m
inside height: 2,18m


Recommended: Yamaha 2 x 50 HP High Trust


8-10 pople