Apart XL


One of the largest houseboats from the entire Apart line. This modern, large unit measures up to 12 m long and 5 m wide with only 0.5 m draft. Due to the individual implementation of each individual unit, Apartboat XL finds a wide field of recipients: private, business or promotional purposes. Our boat builder has for this hausboot a CE certificate and declaration of conformity, as well as shipping classification D.

The largest houseboat factory in Europe



Great boat house for many reasons

Apartboat XL floats on the water thanks to two (catamaran) or three (trimaran) floats (displacement hull). We use four different types of floats: steel, aluminium, concrete or polyethene depending on the customer’s needs. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as heating system, solar panel system, water purification or desalination system, and even a sewage treatment system makes this floating house completely independent of external media. The sailing category D and the help of two independent, high thrust outboards, control panel, control system and thruster mentioned above allow you to sail with Apart XL on rivers, canals, lakes and coastal waters.

The boat house can be used all year round and can also have a number of applications. It can be a private house, houseboat for rent like a huge motorboat, the office of our company, unusual restaurant on the water, gastronomic and entertainment place. At the client’s request, we project the arrangement of rooms, external space and equipment for an individual project. Many of our clients keep day cruisers docked to this boat.

Additional information

Overall length

12,00 m

Max width

5,00 m

House dimensions

8,50 x 4,50 m


2 x 50 HP High Trust

Design category



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