Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse

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The Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse boat performs best with the Mercury 115 HP CT engine. With more engine power, namely 150 HP, enviable speeds are achieved. Here it has to do with the ability of the hull to withstand this power and steer the motorboat even in a rolling sea.


Some of the practical sailors who only use their boat to get somewhere are fishermen. This particular group, both professional and recreational anglers, share the same passion and desire for the best possible catch. Regardless of the division, both professional and recreational have one common need, and that is a good, safe, stable and preferably fast boat. Compared to the days when fishing boats were of the open type, perhaps only with a miniature wheelhouse, today the situation is completely different. The concept of today’s small cabin fishing boats, which is represented by the Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse in terms of superstructure layout, combines good proportions of the cockpit, which is the external working space, and the wheelhouse, which is much more than the helmsman’s wheelhouse.

Quicksilver 625 small Pilothouse cabin boat for sale

It used to be that fishing from a boat was much more cruel for fishermen. You had nowhere to hide or keep warm. With today’s design and upgrading of facilities, Pilothouse boats from Quicksilver have everything the same as a cruise ship, only perhaps in smaller proportions and dimensions. There is a saloon with a table and a small kitchen, a bed and even a toilet. As the 625 Pilothouse boat for sale can be really richly equipped, this allows it to be used for other purposes as well. Cruising is easy and even very enjoyable on longer trips, so it can also be used as a family boat.

Attractive price for pilothouse fishing boat with many features

The half decks are located on either side of the wheelhouse, are the same width and are at the same level as the bow deck. The bow here is not for sunbathing or resting. Rather, it is for moving around, casting a fishing rod and mooring. The rails are open for entry into the boat through the bow, and the flat passage platform is only disturbed by the centrally mounted electric anchor windlass and the cover of the bakery. The boat, Quicksilver 625, can be circumnavigated from the bow to the cockpit by holding onto the side rails and roof rails. To facilitate descent, there are two handrails at the rear of the wheelhouse.  

Additional information

Overall length

6,38 m

Hull length

5,65 m

Max width

2,54 m


2,89 m

Bridge clearance

2,36 m


1371 kg

Engine max

150 HP

Design category


1 review for Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse

  1. 5 out of 5

    Adam, UK

    I am very pleased that I decided to purchase the Quicksilver 625 Pilothouse. It is a great fishing boat that completely meets my expectations. The boat was for sale directly from the dealer.

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