Merry Fisher 795 Series 2


Merry Fisher 795 Serie 2 boat replaces the old Merry Fischer 755, which is a very successful model. Jeanneau maintains the keel and hull of the Merry Fisher 755 with outboard engines. The planing hull is well known for its familiarity with different service waters, it is good stability and with the best level of performance with 150 to 200 hp outboard engines (even on United Kingdom waters – if you do not believe please search more information among boats intended for sale in this model length class).


Modern design of new Merry Fisher 795 from Jeanneau

Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 has a dynamic and elegant design. It really is the next generation in weekend boats, with new window shapes to bring even more light and air on board. This new generation of MF 795 yacht design creates an opportunity for a family cruise. The 795 Serie 2 cockpit is very large, with a large bench along the back as standard, with an optional extra module that is removable and turns the cockpit into a large, friendly U-shaped couch. On the chin, the Jeaneau MF 795 can also be equipped by polish manufacturer with a sun lounger, which houses two separate living areas. Between the cockpit and the interior, there are three-winged sliding doors.

Inside the 795 motorboat you can see a black dashboard, which is well designed in style with ergonomic instrumentation. The pilot’s seat folds forward to free up space in the kitchen with sink and cooker. The Merry Fisher boat has a pressurized water system. On the opposite side, you can equip the boats with a fridge with a capacity of 42 l. The MF living room is large enough to accommodate four people facing each other for a meal. Under the dashboard, there is a toilet equipped with an optional sea toilet. At the Merry Fisher 795 front, there is a cabin of a good size which offers a double berth with plenty of space for sleeping.

Outboard engine for your Jeanneau Merry Fisher boats in Europe

A 150 HP engine is available with a maximum speed of 29 knots and a cruising speed of over 20 knots, or 250 hp for the better acceleration of 32 knots and a very comfortable cruising speed of 25 knots. The best performance in Merry Fisher line we will find in Merry Fisher 1095 Fly.

The main element of the deck of the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 is undoubtedly the aft cockpit, large, comfortable with high freeboards ensuring safe swimming with children. It can be freely composed thanks to the adjustable body parts. The Merry folding table will comfortably seat up to six crew members (the best model among offers when you search for new boats on i.a. United Kingdom market for a reasonable price). When the mattresses are unfolded, you will get a spacious sun pad, and Fisher enthusiasts can assemble all the furniture and enjoy the sea hunt in peace.

From the Merry Fisher stern to the bow deck, you can go on the half decks on both sides of the superstructure, holding onto the high side or roof rails safely. The passage along all Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 boat length from the left side is narrower (16-20 cm), while the right side is 30 cm wide. The Merry bow deck is practically one large sun deck, which can be covered with mattresses for convenience. In new Jeanneau boats their bow is surrounded by an elegant railing made of stainless steel tubes and finished with a sharp protruding anchor.

New Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 boats for sale in 2022 year

Take a look at an interior of the Merry Fisher 795 for sale UK which is accessed from the aft cockpit through a three-winged door, which is widely sliding to the side. Right on the right-hand side of the entrance, there is a cabinet which contains a mini-cabinet (cooker, sink), shelves and storage compartments, beverage holders and a 220 V socket. These Fisher boats in the front part of their cabinet have also a support for the remote control armchair.

The part on the left side has a double function: for the day it is a place to rest or dine, for the night it can be turned into a double bed. This is why the Merry Fischer 795 Serie 2 front couch has an interesting design, which has a movable backrest for sitting backwards or forwards in the direction of travel. In the latter case, the backrest can be moved to raise the seat itself. The 795 console in front of the remote control can be made in black with only standard Yamaha control devices, but additional electronic devices can also be fitted on request.

MF 795 – layout, specifications and prices

Under the Jeanneau powerboat console, there is space for a cabin (with a sea toilet and a small washbasin), a small one, but even taller people (about 190 cm) can fit there relatively comfortably. Inside Fisher boat, there are a lot of shelves and lockers in all possible places. Thanks to the wide-opening rear doors, sliding windows on both sides and a large sunroof in the roof we have excellent ventilation and a wonderful view on all sides of the water from your Merry Fisher Jeanneau boats in this year (please search more information about our new used boats for the best price on dedicated pages of this website).

Additional information

Overall length

7,19 m

Hull length

6,97 m

Max width

2,82 m


2153 kg

Engine max

250 HP

Design category



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