Floating house

floating house

General Information

Dear lovers of life on the water! If you do not want to charter a luxury yacht or go on a sailing cruise, you can enjoy your time on the water by living in your own inexpensive mobile floating house. Why not explore Europe on your own boat?

The new generation of floating houses for sale from Poland

Most of the public is unaware that this form of the holiday is now available at a reasonable price. Moving around by floating home is a unique adventure – and a welcome alternative to a hotel. Even experienced sailors appreciate the proximity to nature: sip the first coffee of the day on the outdoor terrace, refresh yourself in the midday sun with a dip in the cool water or enjoy the evening atmosphere of the harbour with a view of the setting sun. You decide which shore you will moor on.

Depending on the size, the floating house offers space for several people (usually 6). Our houses are ideal for families and friends, but also for solo travellers.




House length: 9,00 m,
price: EUR 56,300 net

House length: 7,00 m,
price: EUR 50,420 net

Physical Specs

Length: 9,00 m + 3,00 m terraces
Width: 3,00 m + 1,00 m terraces


Recommended: Yamaha 25 HP High Trust


living room + 2 bedrooms + bathroom
10 persons

What is important when you decide to rent your floating house?

In many European countries and in selected German waters (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg), your clients don’t even need a licence to sail a houseboat. All you need is a simple training session that lasts between two and three hours – after which your customers can start their stay on the water!

Other most common requirements:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • The boat is approved for a maximum of 12 people
  • The boat is not longer than 15 metres
  • Maximum wind force 4 B
  • Maximum speed 12 km / h
  • Detailed instruction (mentioned above)
  • Only applies to a specific rental period and region of the rented floating house
  • Sailing only during the day

European great places to spend time on the water

Many places in Europe are particularly popular and suitable for beginners. Areas in France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Poland attract crystal clear waters, beautiful nature reserves and a wide range of water sports. Experienced charterers offer on-site rental of their houseboats: from classic to modern, single- or double-decked and affordable to luxurious – there is a houseboat to suit every taste.

Houseboat routes, for example in southern Germany, have much to offer with numerous castles and palaces, but can only be used with a boat licence on inland waters.

Holidays on floating houses are often equated with time in nature. But that’s not all! You can also discover great big metropolises such as Amsterdam, Hamburg, London or Stockholm from the water.

Our advice: ask in advance which sections of the river you can travel on by your boat. Some waterways may be closed to private use, so you can only get to the city via side channels. But if you want to navigate the main waterways, you should provide a document with your boating skills, which are also used in commercial shipping.

What can’t be missing during the short cruise? Polish floating house manufacturer recommendation

As a rule of thumb, all things are stored in rucksacks instead of suitcases. The reason? We save space. Clothes and electronic devices stay dry when enclosed in a waterproof bag.

What else to keep in mind on short boat trips?

  • Swimwear
  • Sun protection, especially through the water, can strongly reflect the sun
  • Non-slip shoes so you don’t lose your grip on the boat when the ground is wet
  • For evenings: warm jackets
  • Reliable insect protection, as mosquitoes are particularly good in rivers and lakes
  • Maps of the waterways with the best fishing grounds, swimming opportunities, boating restrictions or bathing bans
  • A tourist guide to the region
  • Binoculars
  • For those living on their own – sufficient food and the most necessary cooking utensils
  • Travel insurance – foreign health insurance including medical insurance and trip cancellation insurance, as an early booking is very popular