Motor Yacht

Motor yachts are large recreational vessels that have a single / twin or triple engines. These boats run from 30 to 90 feet and have several cabins to accommodate guests. They are primarily used for luxury cruises. Motor yachts can offer a spacious deck and sometimes additional steering on the roof - we called it a "flybridge".

The typical motor yachts for sale in Europe - sizeable recreational vessels

A motor yacht can provide a luxury getaway, and they are often high-end water vessels which can accommodate more than 10 people. The boat is typically equipped with several staterooms, a “head” or bathroom, an outside grill and sink, and some other luxuries like a lounging area (the sunpad). The cabin may include large windows providing panoramic views of the ocean. The galley is the kitchen of the boat typically has all necessary appliances that will provide you with hot meals while out on the water.

The engine will typically be larger than on a traditional yacht to power such a large vessel. The flybridge (an external bridge) is typically used for steering while dining under the stars and can also be used as a drinking lodge for those who like to take in the scenery and enjoy a drink or two.

Which small motor yacht to buy? What is the price?

This boat is often used for cruising, being sea or ocean-going, and expensively priced. The average cost of a motor yacht is 0,2-3 million dollars. They are usually expensive to buy and maintain, but offer a lot of luxurious space, making them conducive to long cruises.

The brands of small motor yachts from Poland:

Our motor yachts for sale are the perfect boat for families with kids to spend their days on. They provide a relaxing escape from everyday life and destination to destination exploration. From island-hopping to dock-to-dock coastal cruising, motor yachts can be used in many different ways for different sorts of vacations.

An ocean crossing is one of the most adventurous activities for yacht owners. It is also one of the most expensive. These trips are long and they require plenty of time and patience to enjoy all that can be seen on the way.

An overnight trip may be just as enjoyable, but it would only cost half as much because it does not take as long. The vacationer would still need to plan their voyage well in advance, however, to make sure they are able to find a boat with space available.

Island hopping is an excellent way to explore both coasts of Europe in less than two weeks by limiting oneself to visiting only three or four islands at a time. The boats dock at ports which are not too far from each other, so that day trips to the rural countryside can be made by bus or train. This way tourists can easily enjoy sightseeing with a day trip from the coast.

What type of costs one need to head after purchasing a motor yacht?

A motor yacht is a power boat that includes more than one engine, with the main engine usually in the aft of the boat. Motor yachts are commonly used by people who own large properties on lakes or seasides. They are also often used for luxury vacations in remote places.

Motor yachts are very expensive boats to maintain due to all of the additional gear that you need to have in order to use it properly - electronics, dock space, insurance, registration and fuel expenses. You also have costs when it comes time for maintenance with cleaning, bottom scraping and planing hull polishing being required every year along with waxing which is required every two years. Engine maintenance is another expense you will have with outboard engines needing yearly service while diesel engines need more frequent service.

Motor yachts manufacturers: Poland produces most of the yachts

Poland is a leader motor yacht manufacturer in Europe. Polish brands are focused rather on yachts with displacement hulls it is caused by domestic needs – there is a lot of inland water where high speed is not necessary.