Futura 40 – 2019


Price regards to the motor yacht with engine 150 HP (Futura 40, YoB: 2019, ca. 1000 motor hours), fully equipped, ready to be an offshore boat.

One of the biggest motor yachts on inland Polish water. Perfect possibilities to steer the boat by addition a cockpit on the boat’s roof – it is called flybridge. Large space inside and outside lets you rest in the best way.

We offer a Futura 40 charter in Poland.


The aft platform on displacement hull, which is used to board the Futura 40 Grand Horizon, is actually a spacious terrace, with access to the yacht through three aisles from both sides and stern via detachable side rails. Further down towards the bow, there is an elevated superstructure high above the water, covering the main cockpit with a mess and galley and a descent to the lower deck. After opening the three-winged sliding door you get one open living space with a flat floor without protrusions. The superstructure canopy is longer than in the previous model and better covers the open aft cockpit. On the bow deck, on the other hand, there is plenty of space to relax and the elegant steps/gliders lead to the upper deck.

The spacious open aft and bow cockpits, where you will find elegant sofas and comfortable sun loungers at the front, make a great impression.

The flybridge on Futura 40 Grand Horizon has all the functionality that should be a feature of the upper open deck. There is both a place to relax and sunbathe as well as a second wheelhouse, located similarly to the central cockpit, with the helmsman’s seat facing the crew there. The steering console has everything necessary to fully control and guide the motorboat.

The lower deck, which serves as the yacht’s bedroom, can be accessed via the stairs of the exit staircase built in the middle of the front windshield. After the steps, we descend to a small vestibule, from where the doors lead to three sleeping cabins with their own sanitary cabins. All cabins are equipped with comfortable double beds, cabinets for hanging things, shelves, and swallows.

The most important is the customer. Each person has his or her own specific needs, and each boat that leaves the boat builder is adapted to them. The potential buyer not only has full freedom in the choice of materials but also the possibility of reporting changes in the configuration and layout of the interior.

Futura 40 Grand Horizon is an exceptionally comfortable, almost comfortable floating apartment with a total area of 50 square meters. The yacht is designed for multi-day cabin cruising for 6 or daily excursions for 10 people.

The vessel definitely has a chance to conquer not only the national backyard but also other European waterways. It is not only a yacht for rent but also a comfortable, buoyant shipowner’s vessel.

Additional information

Design category

B-6 / C-8

Engine max

500 HP

Hull length

12,00 m

Max width

3,45 m


6800 kg



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