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Weighing only 2 t, the tiny boat offers excellent manoeuvrability and the electric motor allows the boat to be used in quiet zones. The combination of the electric motor and PV panels with up to 2400 W of power makes it possible to sail all day even in cloudy weather.

The tiny house’s living space consists of a living room connected to the kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. At the stern there is a terrace with a 2,5 m /2,5 m bathing platform.

Aluminium construction. No servicing or maintenance required. Possibility of launching without the need for a crane. Easy transport on trailer (min. GVW: 2700 kg, price EUR 3900 net), can be towed by a regular, strong car.

The advertised price regards to the fully equipped Tiny House: all furniture, terraces, electric engine, PV panels + batteries. We have 3 units ready for sell.



The tiny house is a completely self-contained unit and does not even need to be connected to the marina for the entire season. 6 solar panels of 400 watts each in combination with two batteries of 200 Ah and an inverter (230 V 3000 W) will provide enough energy to power a fridge, microwave, lighting, etc. A water pump allows water to be drawn from the lake. The water is heated in an electric boiler. On colder nights, marine diesel heating will ensure the right temperature throughout the tiny boat cottage.

The floats are made with the latest technology from a highly durable elastomer to ensure saltwater and UV resistance for 30 years! The pontoons are completely filled with styrene so they are unsinkable, flexible and resistant to mechanical damage and ice.

Main features of tiny houses on the water for sale

Tiny house boats are compact and efficient waterborne dwellings that offer a simplified and mobile living experience. Here are some common features associated with tiny houses:

  • Compact Size: Tiny house boats are typically small in size. Their compact design allows for easy navigation and maneuverability.
  • Floating Platform: The foundation of a tiny houses are unsinkable floats. This is built on catamarans – buoyant structures, providing stability on the water.
  • Multi-functional Spaces: Due to limited square footage, every meter of a tiny boat is designed with purpose. Spaces often serve multiple functions, such as a living area that converts into a sleeping space or a dining table that doubles as a work desk.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Many tiny boats emphasize outdoor living. Decks, patios, or rooftop spaces provide additional areas for relaxation, socializing, and enjoying the surrounding water views.
  • Efficient Storage Solutions: Storage is a crucial aspect of tiny house living. Our designers incorporate creative and efficient storage solutions, such as built-in cabinets, fold-down furniture, and hidden compartments to maximize usable space.
  • Sustainable Features: Tiny homes on water integrate eco-friendly features. Solar panels and composting toilets are common additions to reduce the environmental impact of the dwelling.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom: Tiny boat has compact kitchen and bathroom. Space-saving appliances and fixtures, such as fold-down tables and wall-mounted sinks, are common inclusions.
  • Lightweight Construction: To ensure buoyancy and ease of movement, tiny boat houses are constructed with lightweight materials. This includes aluminum and other materials that balance durability with weight considerations.
  • Portability: our tiny house is designed for easy transport on trailers (GVW: 2700 – 3500 kg, can be towed by a regular, strong car), allowing owners to move their homes to different bodies of water or storage locations.
  • Energy-Efficient Systems: Due to limited energy resources, tiny houseboats incorporate energy-efficient systems. LED lighting, low-energy appliances, and smart home technologies contribute to a reduced ecological footprint.
  • Customization: Tiny houses are customizable to suit individual preferences and needs. Owners can personalize the interior layout, some color schemes, and features based on their lifestyle.

Additional information

Overall length

9,80 m

Hull length

7,80 m

Max width

2,55 m

House dimensions

7,30 m x 2,55 m


2000 kg



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