Yamaha outboards

We are a boatyard that supplies Yamaha outboards for our wide range of boats. Yamaha Motor is a Japanese multinational corporation that manufactures motorcycles, outboard motors, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and other products. Ask for all models from Yamaha marine motors!

Yamaha has been designing marine engines since the 1887. They provide high-quality, reliable and efficient products for all boat types - from small fishing boats to luxury yachts.

Many Yamaha features that make these outboards for sale perfect in sea conditions

The latest version of this outstanding outboard engine is a real pleasure to use because it comes with many other unique features:

  • Variable Trolling RPM control
  • Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt system
  • Yamaha's optional Y-COP remote security system

These include Yamaha outboards for sale, boat motors which are all necessary for yachts. Since the latest version of this outstanding engine is a real pleasure to use, it has many other unique features that make it stand out from the rest. These include outboard, motor and boat which are all necessary for yachts.

Advanced DOHC design and special intake and exhaust systems optimise combustion in outboard motors

The Yamaha design of the cowling is an important factor in the efficiency of an outboard engine. The cowling is the cover that shields and protects the engine from water, debris, and other objects. It also helps to prevent water from entering into the engine compartment through a specially designed drain system. The cowling design traps and drains water more efficiently in Yamaha outboard motors. This is achieved through a special drainage system that channels water away from the engine compartment to a tank or reservoir on deck or in a locker beneath deck.

The company is also known for their innovative technologies such as the Integrated Motor Assist System (IMAS) that reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Do we deliver inboard boat motors?

Yamaha’s powerful and efficient four-stroke engines have been powering boats and yachts for many years. The company offers a wide range of marine engines, from small boat motors to large yacht outboard engines.

There are two different types of outboard engines: inboards and stern drives. Inboards are located inside the hull (or body) of your boat, while stern-drives are located at the back end, or stern, of your boat. Inboards are more advantageous than stern-drives as they provide better performance with less noise pollution and less vibration. This is why most yachts use them over stern-drives. Unfortunately Yamaha is not installing inboard engines.