Yamaha 130 HP


This underweight, compact and extremely multi-faceted Yamaha 130 outboard engine has set new canons of design and performance in the mid-range outboard market and firmly continues the best patterns of the previous Yamaha 130 HP model. Designers so thoughtfully engineered the Yamaha 130 outboard price to deliver uncommon acceleration and response in the mid-rpm range, as well as unprecedented fuel economy. This proven 1.8-liter, four-stroke, 16-valve, dual camshaft engine has a reputation for reliability and robustness among its owners.

Total purchase price:
– outboard (see above)
– steel propeller black: EUR 320 net
– rigging kit – ask for all options



Recommended for large size motor boats, the Yamaha 130 hp price will stay on the world market for a long time

Yamaha Motor Corporation is the home of the world-renowned gasoline outboard engines, one of them being the Yamaha 130 outboard engine. It is a four-stroke, high-performance outboard engine that provides its user with a power of 130 horsepower, which translates into a lot of interest among owners of medium-sized and heavy boats. Thanks to the fact that the constructors managed to fit into these small, for its power, sizes of many different technologies, i.e. electronic, direct fuel injection, which significantly reduces fuel consumption, as well as reducing exhaust emissions and smoother and more “cultural” operation , there is no need to install it on the massive transoms of large boats. The Yamaha 130 for sale engine is well known for its durability and reliability among people who love recreation and water sports.

Stylish cover of Yamaha 130 outboard motor is not only aesthetic value

The attractive and elegant appearance of the cover on the Yamaha 130 boat engine price adds to the beauty and seriousness of the powerboat, while this is not its only feature. The shape of the outboard cover, which is unequivocally streamlined which allows water to drain easily so that it does not get into the internal mechanisms of the Yamaha 130 outboard for sale. This results in increased protection against corrosion and at the same time extends the life of the drive unit. In addition, due to its attractiveness, this engine is equipped with an authorized Y-COP anti-theft system. It works on the principle of authorization, via remote control, before starting the engine from the key so as to prevent unwanted starting.


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174 kg


1,8 l


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