Quicksilver Activ 875 Sundeck

quicksilver activ 875 sundeck

General Information

As the boat with the largest sundeck in its category, the Quicksilver 875 Sundeck can accommodate 12 passengers, each with their own comfortable seat.

In numbers it would look like this. The dimensions of the L-shaped corner bench in the cockpit are 1.9 x 1.6 m, with a galley block, with the possibility of extending the seat. The large dimensions of the sundeck provided space for 4 cabin beds, a shower and a toilet. All for complete comfort and a multi-day stay at sea. In addition, this boat is adapted to a wide range of Mercury engines.

Emphasis on pleasure on your Quicksilver 875 boat

The achievement of large dimensions at the front can be attributed to the development of the bow section, i.e. the blunt and rounded bow characteristic entirely of the new Quicksilver Activ series of boats. An anchor guide is placed under the bow. In this way, people on the bow do not come into contact with the anchor and have a free passage. We will also mention some rails on the bow, which have also been removed from the sundeck and bow platform on the bay side from the outside.

Quicksilver boats

Price: €56,340
ask for cost with Verado V8

Physical Specs

Overall length: 8,06 m
Max width: 3,00 m
Weight (no engine): 2462 kg


Single: 250 – 400 HP
Twin: 2 x 200 – 2 x 250 HP


C-12 / B-10
4 berths

Layouts / schemes of Quicksilver 875 Sundeck

Detailed description of Quicksilver 875

When the cushions are stacked on the bow, the sun deck takes up the entire bow, span to span, even the very top of the bow is covered with cushion. The mattresses can be removed completely, but also segmented, so that only a narrow upholstered part remains on the sundeck. Apart from the part of the transition from the cockpit to the bow, the entire sun deck has a useful addition, a backrest, which of course can be adjusted by means of a tilt. The sunbathing area is protected by a fence that holds up well when moving. The side gangway does not descend immediately into the cockpit, but extends the full length of the steering wheel and windscreen. There are steps on either side of the windscreen to allow descent into the cockpit.

Cockpit of Activ Sundeck boats

There is a good amount of space left in the cockpit for a corner bench with a large 190 x 160 cm folding backrest, and space in front of the bench to accommodate a folding table. The cockpit would not be so spacious were it not for one technical solution. Namely, the galley block is slipped under the skipper’s bench and comes into view when the bench is moved forward, i.e. towards the console. The kitchen consists of a two-burner gas cooker, a sink with running water and a side storage area where a small ship’s fridge can be installed. Folding benches are mounted on the kitchen block and on the side of the cockpit, which can be pulled out if necessary.