Galia 750 Hardtop

€44,450 – well equipped as standard

galia 750

General Information

Galia 750 Hardtop is another powerboat well known in Europe. Motorboats from the Galia series have sailed many seas thanks to their professionally designed hulls, prepared for all conditions. Galia is a pleasing silhouette to the eye, and with the addition of a bimini top, it really looks like a racer. What is there to say, with a 300 horsepower outboard engine the Galia 750 can reach speeds of 30 knots! The first thing you will notice about this boat is the large glass areas in the cabin. The windshield is made of one piece, and the large side windows provide a very good view on all sides. Even the toilet has one large glass wall with a smaller window that can be opened.

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  • CUSTOMIZATION to client’ needs
  • SHORTEST delivery – directly from shipyard
  • BEST PRICE for engine

Physical Specs

Hull length: 7,64 m
Max width: 2,74 m


Max: 350 HP or 2×175 HP
Best price in Europe


1 cabin + bathroom
7 people

Detailed Specification of Galia 750


Hull length: 7,64 m
Max width: 2,74 m
Draught: 0,58 m
Weigth (no engine): 2300 kg
Crew: 7 people
Design category: C-7


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2 years Galia warranty

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