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Galia 750 Hardtop is another powerboat well known in Europe. Motorboats from the Galia series have sailed many seas thanks to their professionally designed hulls, prepared for all conditions. Galia is a pleasing silhouette to the eye, and with the addition of a bimini top, it really looks like a racer. What is there to say, with a 300 horsepower outboard engine the Galia 750 can reach speeds of 30 knots!

The first thing you will notice about this boat is the large glass areas in the cabin. The windshield is made of one piece, and the large side windows provide a very good view on all sides. Even the toilet has one large glass wall with a smaller window that can be opened.

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Thoughtful solutions on a Galia 750 HT boat

The distinctive and very fitting side sliding door next to the helmsman is also glazed, so visibility is simply excellent. This solution is common on Scandinavian ships, but longer than 9 meters. In this case, it means that the cabin is not centrally located, but the passage from stern to bow remains on the helmsman’s side, while on the other side the passage is flush with the windows and is slightly narrower. This solution is most effective when the skipper is sailing alone because from the steering console through such a wide side passage he has easy access both to the bow and to the stern.

On the cockpit floor there are as many as three large bunkers. The side tanks are for fish, the fuel tank is in the middle one, but there is still room for useful and necessary small items.

The exit from the cockpit to the aft platform on the starboard side and access to the ladder to descend to the sea is quite conveniently designed, as the lowered rear exit door becomes part of the passage to the platform. There are two smaller pockets in the aft mirror for ropes or fishing gear.

The bow is classically solved. The spire, the electric anchor winch with chain wheel and the anchor locker with large covers provide very good visibility and easy access to these lockers. So the exterior design and solutions in the cockpit, side passages, bow and cabin roof with large window are designed and executed more than well.

Cabin Cruiser 750 Interior

The central cockpit is entered from the cockpit through a large glass sliding door, but also the previously mentioned door next to the helmsman. On the starboard side is a large, wood-enclosed toilet stateroom. The toilet floor is about 30 centimetres below the plane of the cockpit so that the total height in the toilet itself is sufficient. Opposite the toilet is a sink, cabinet and mirror.

The galley consists of a stove with one burner and a small sink. Still, it is enough for a simple meal, something like risotto. Under one of the benches there is a drawer for a refrigerator. There is also room to mount a 50-liter refrigerator. As with all similar boats, the table can be lowered and a cushion placed on it, which, along with the benches, turns into a small bed.

In the forward part under the deck, there is a spacious cabin for two or even three people. The berths in the cabin are slightly below the plane of the cockpit, and there are large and capacious storage compartments under the cushions. The cabin also has an additional locker for storing smaller pieces of clothing. The side windows in the cabin are great. On each side, a triangular glass opening is made in the ship’s structure, through which the cabin is well-lit, making it look very airy and spacious. And in the middle of this glass part, there is a small round window, which can be opened so that the ventilation of the forward cabin is solved. In the cabin itself, under the steering console, there is a large panel with all the fuses and switches, very clearly arranged.

Powerboat cabin ventilation designed by Galia boatyard

And finally, just the helm. The skipper is classically positioned on the starboard side. In front of him is a well thought out centre console with all the instruments, flap controls and plotter. The steering wheel and folding helmsman’s chair are well spaced. Like the aforementioned sliding door on the starboard side of the helm for access to the side passage to the stern or bow, with the excellent visibility of the windshield, it is very easy to take control of the situation while sailing, but also to perform all the necessary actions when mooring or sailing. As the wheelhouse has two doors, the main one on the cockpit side and the helmsman’s side door, the ventilation of the space is more than satisfactory. With the additional roof window, you can choose how to cool and ventilate the wheelhouse during the hot summer months.

Excellent hardtop boat for sea voyages in Europe

The exterior of the Galia 750 reveals the genes of this powerboat. The elongated line, the slightly lowered bow and cabin roof, and the large outboard engine indicate that it is a racer. The 400-liter fuel tank allows economical driving for at least 30 hours at a cruising speed of 22-25 knots. The deep V-hull allows for sudden course changes without slipping and a relatively small turning radius. At average speed, consumption is in the range of 15-20 litres per hour.

In short, in terms of marine characteristics, the Galia 750 is a well designed vessel. Excellent external appearance, great driving performance, excellent manoeuvrability and very good visibility.

Additional information

Hull length

7,64 m

Max width

2,74 m


2300 kg

Engine max

Single: 350 HP / Twin: 2 x 175 HP

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought a Galia 750 HT in early 2020, although it doesn’t have the latest mattress design and adjustment as the latest Galeon shipyard yachts do, the construction quality of the boat and its performance is amazing. It is worth noting that Galia is still made using the hand laminate method and not by spraying as is the case with other cheaper brands.

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