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Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend boat is looking for potential owners among helmsmen who think about easy swimming in comfortable conditions. Taking the whole family to the best place during the holiday will be possible at an available speed of 20 knots.

In the past, six-metre motorboats were considered as a standard for weekend cruisers. Increasing the comfort required the enlargement of all planing hull dimensions (length, width and height). Larger dimensions also made the boats safer at sea, as length mainly affected stability. Stronger engines used, to achieve higher speeds, give the possibility to reach the destination as quickly as possible, so as to bring out as much pleasure as possible.


Model Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend

A real family boat, which is called the Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend, can satisfy both weekend trips and also be a serious cruiser. The Quicksilver develops its motorboats to almost perfect functionality, and before they are introduced into serial production, each powerboat is tested to detect any imperfections or errors.

The Quicksilver 855 Weekend is one of the largest models in the Quicksilver’s offer and represents the top offer of this boat builder. The seriousness of this ship is demonstrated by the standard equipment list, which can be extended with additional options if necessary.

This model has been replaced by Quicksilver 905 Weekend which is currently in production.

Spacious Quicksilver hull over 8 metres long

A lot of people can fit eight metres. This powerboat is a real example of this. It is certainly due to the large volume and the considerable height of the superstructure. If we start with the bow, the first thing we notice is the good size of the steps, which ensure normal movement and, of course, they stick to the railing and handrail on the cabin roof. By moving the cabin to the left, a much wider right side aisle is created, so that only the cabin is used for movement. The left side aisle is quite narrow and can be used, but only in emergencies. In the bow section, the very top of the arch should be indicated, which is made so that the top itself is “cut off”. This blunt tip of the bow makes it easier to approach the shore with the bow, but also allows you to widen the passage on the bow (you will not find it in Quicksilver 640 Weekend). An anchor guide is added to the top of the arch. It is connected to the electric anchor lift, which has found its place under the large cover of the bow compartment. There is also space for mooring the ropes, and right next to it there are bow cleats. Apart from the working part on the bow, we will also mention a large sun terrace for up to three people.

The side passage to the cockpit, which we have already mentioned, is really wide – it is a great solution for captains who want to quickly get from the helm to the bow or stern; the built-in sliding side door is so good that the skipper can reach any place on the ship in the blink of an eye.

Cockpit not as large as expected

Staying in the cockpit will be welcomed by all who want to feel safe and comfortable at sea. Parents with small children in the cockpit can be calm as they guarantee the safety of their children. An aft bench has been added to the high sides closing the cockpit, which is the only place to sit in the cockpit. The cockpit, which is not too big and whose dimensions have been reduced at the expense of the cabin, can be additionally equipped with a table on a telescopic leg. In the cockpit, a large sun terrace can be stretched by moving the aft bench forward and lowering the backrest. Larger cockpit we can find in Quicksilver 810 Arvor, a brother from pilot’ line.

855 Weekend drive – best outboards and diesel engine

Activ 855 can be driven by a stationary or outboard engine. The speed cannot be as high as on day cruiser boats. In the version with the stationary engine, the aft platform is large in size. Two outboard engines can be mounted at the stern. This only leaves room for two narrower platforms on each side. A folding ladder for the water exit has been added to the one on the side of the door.

Much raw interior we will find for example in Quicksilver 675 Pilothouse.

Cabin cruiser interior – look at Activ 855

Right at the entrance to the living room there is a galley, which allows you to remove steam and cooking odours. The wooden kitchen block harmoniously consists of a cooker and sink in the upper part and a refrigerator and a cupboard below. This kitchen is also equipped with a microwave oven located in the cabinet. The kitchen block is connected to a box with electrical equipment and switches, on which the helmsman’s seat is mounted.

The ergonomic – real fact of Quicksilver 855 Weekend

The depth of the pull-out seat can be adjusted to the skipper’s needs. As far as height adjustment is concerned, it is possible to raise the front of the seat to facilitate steering in a half-sitting position. Slightly narrower steering section also reflects the width of the steering console. It is made in grey, with attention to every detail, so there is space for mounting the steering wheel and drive lever on a special platform, as well as space for mounting ship’s instruments and plotters.

With several recommended drive combinations, of which we highlight the 2x150hp Mercury Verado or 350hp Mercury Verado, the Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend will pull around 30 knots, but let’s be realistic, that’s not it. The top speed of this boat is not what a prospective owner will be looking at. This boat is looking for potential owners among sailors who are thinking about easy sailing and how to take the whole family to the best place for a weekend holiday and cruise at the realistically expected and easily accessible speed of 20 knots. This is not a boat for offshore racing. The emphasis is on stability, good attitude and safe navigation. Quicksilver is known for its practicality and that it is designed for families. The many practical details, well-organised space and simple concept that this vessel offers only confirm our thesis, as being on such a spacious and practical vessel is something that is immediately noticed and felt in every part of the vessel.

Additional information

Overall length

8,91 m

Max width

2,98 m

Engine max

400 HP

Design category


2 reviews for Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kusti, Suomi

    Kuulin, että Quicksilver 855 Weekend ei ole enää myynnissä. Mercruiser-dieselmoottorilla on alhainen polttoaineenkulutus. Kokemusteni ansiosta voin suositella uutta Activ 905 -mallia. Hinta on kohtuullinen.

  2. 5 out of 5


    We’ve been cruising the boat since 2016, it hasn’t let us down yet and doesn’t look like it will. The great interior of the Quicksilver 855 Weekend powerboat has me doing longer cruises (about a week – two) on it 2 times a year, not just weekend trips. I’m considering the QS 905 Weekend model as there are more gadgets and I think I’ll indulge myself next year.

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