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Weekend – what do you associate this word with? It is the end of the week, days off, time to rest and enjoy your free time. This is what the title boat, Quicksilver 640 Weekend, 6.40 m long, is for. It looks different from other boats of the same manufacturer, it is distinguished by its bold, slightly futuristic design, which makes it recognizable wherever it appears.

Quicksilver 640 Weekend boat is out of production – check out the new model: Quicksilver 675 Weekend.

Among used 640 Weekend boats available for sale in the market the most popular model is with installed Mercuiser diesel engine. Model with Mercury outboard was also produced by the Brunswick shipyard in Augustów, Poland.


Although designed differently from its Quicksilver brothers (like Quicksilver 675 Pilothouse), the layout concept is identical to that of all other cabin models: a cosy bow deck, a bright and spacious interior and a spacious cockpit, which is also the heart of this cabin cruiser yacht. Of course, mentioned Pilothouse boats have a completely different aim and should not be compared too quickly.

Quicksilver 640 – cabin cruiser boat for a weekend trip

Almost the entire rear half of the ship is occupied by a practically and functionally arranged and quite spacious cockpit for this length of the ship, which is dominated by a sideways sliding aft deck, with side ends of inserts that can be removed, which is particularly practical when going fishing. In the middle part of the stern bench, there is a space with a cover on top, which can be a perfect pool for live bait, which is especially appreciated by anglers. The sides of the Quicksilver 640 cockpit are also fully utilised for storage, so behind one door there is a fire extinguisher with two kilos of powder, and behind the other, there is a main switch and a fuel supply switch. On the opposite side, below the step coming out of the side aisle, there is a small gas cylinder. A large part of the cockpit floor is in fact an exceptionally large tank cover with a polyethene fuel tank in front.

As we have already mentioned, we move one step from the cockpit to the side aisle. An elongated handle on the cabin roof helps us to enter. The side railing, which reaches to the bow, we are impressed with, has a more aesthetic than practical function because it is quite low. The front of the motor yacht deck is quite rounded and raised due to the cabin below. The side railing in the upper part of the bow is open, thus creating a place for a comfortable bow entrance, and under the deck, there is an anchor chain box with a cover opening to the side.

Interior of Quicksilver 640 Weekend for sale

From the cockpit, you enter the cabin of 640 Weekend through a transparent sliding door in an aluminium frame (which, to be honest, could be a bit more solid). The cabin roof extends about 20 cm towards the stern so that it partially protects the cabin from rain when the doors are open. And while it is so high in the middle part that the average taller people will not get stuck in the head, it falls to the end, so be careful not to hit the head, especially as the edge itself is quite sharp. The door opening is only 160 cm high, so it should be slightly bent at the entrance, but the floor just behind the door is lowered by about 20 cm so that there is enough height inside. The cabin of Quicksilver 640 for sale looks very spacious mainly because everything is in one space, without fenced (separate) parts.

Right next to the door on the right there is a kitchen block consisting of a cooker and a small sink, underneath which there is space for a small fridge, below there is a solid cabinet on which there is a captain’s seat, which moves forward and backwards. The back of the seat is foldable and looks a little bit plastic, but this is a standard seat from a large series that is installed on most Quicksilver / Arvor boats, for example, Quicksilver Activ 855 Weekend, so it is not expected to be expensive.

Boat Steering – the modern Weekender solution from the USA at standard price

In the front of Quicksilver 640 Weekend boat manufacturer installed at a good price a control console that actually protrudes from the sides and not from below, as we are used to. The console is cast in one piece of plastic and looks a bit distorted, better said futuristic, so its design is consistent with the outer lines of the whole ship. The standard equipment includes a speedometer, tachometer, fuel level indicator and trim position indicator, as well as enough space to mount a GPS plotter – echo sounder. As the helmsman’s seat is positioned quite high above the floor, the footrest, also made of plastic, is a very desirable piece of equipment. The whole thing is maintained in a combination of two colours: beige and white, which creates a very pleasant atmosphere with a lot of light coming in from outside. The only serious criticism in the entire cab concerns the engine compartment.

Additional information

Overall length

6,55 m

Max width

2,54 m

Engine max

225 HP

Design category


2 reviews for Quicksilver 640 Weekend

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kimi, Suomi

    Myydään vanha malli Quicksilver 640. Polttoaineen kulutus on hyvä. Kokemukseni ovat tärkeitä, kun mietin uutta Activ Weekend -mallia. Hinta oli hyvä.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Florian, UK

    Great boat, I bought it 8 years ago and it still looks sensational. Quicksilver boats are really top class.

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