Testing powerboat for sale is tough, but somebody’s gotta do it. mBoat’s crack test crew went to work. From dawn to dusk, we jumped waves, slammed throtles, and set off more than a few radar detectors along te nearby causeway. We feel that our fleet represents a good cross-section of some the finner powerboats on the water today. From inland lake boats to high-performance offshore racers, there’s something for everyone here.

Powerboat - motor yachts producer

Motor Yacht

Big boat that can act as a ship. Such a motorboat is only for the clients who really put thier attention on space and comfort. Among our fleet you can find motor yachts on displacement hull and fast power boat.


Power Boat new Cabin Cruiser

Cabin Cruiser

Luxury powerboats designed to spend weekend on the water with big portion of fun. Big, comfortable cabin provides to whole crew space to rest, eat and prepare meal.


Powerboat pilothouse polish production


Powerboats with cabin and ability to mount strong outboard engines. These units are designed primarily for fishing and occasional cruises.


day cruiser new powerboats

Day Cruiser

High speed, a lot of sun and wind. Luxury around. This is a time to have fun on the water. Only big engines and a lot of people on the board.


walk around powerboat

Walk Around

First of all, a large outdoor space. You can sunbathe everywhere: you have sundeck with mattresses and comfortable sofa on aft deck.


fishing boats from poland

Fishing boat

Bestseller among anglers. Well designed and resistant hull of small fishing motorboats. Best choice for short trip on the lake.


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