Apart XS

Apart XS is a kind of a floating house that has everything that holiday flats offer: a full-size toilet, a furnished kitchen with a fridge, sink, gas or induction cooker. This is the smallest boat on displacement hull from our offer thus should dock to any European harbours.

The largest houseboat factory in Europe



How to spend holiday on your small house?

The idea of creating comfortable houses on water has perfectly fitted into a niche on the market, thanks to which production in Poland has started in full swing. Our house boat builder employs many workers and also uses a number of specialized subcontractors. Currently, our brand produces various houseboat models, differing in size and equipment, and thus in comfort and price.

Until recently, houseboats seemed to be reserved for exceptionally rich people who have a private cabin cruiser boat. They seemed to be beyond the reach of an “ordinary” sailor. It is worth remembering, however, that even a dozen or so years ago traditional sailing was considered an elite sport, expensive and generally unavailable to the masses. Today, practically everyone can afford to rent a motor boat, and houseboats are no longer synonymous with sophistication – although they still remain luxurious.

So spending holidays on the water is becoming more and more popular, and the producer plans to follow this trend in the future. The company is slowly moving away from building exclusive custom-made models to producing more units at prices available to a wider audience. Already today, among the shipyard’s clients there are people from different corners of Poland and the world, so it can be expected that in the future it will only be better – all the more so because all the powerboats we produce are adapted to sailing without permission. Thanks to this, everyone – whether an experienced client or not – can try this lifestyle without giving up their comfort.

Many of our clients decide to buy some small day cruiser to have good fun during their holidays. This kind of boat is towable and some of them don’t require any extra driving license.

Additional information

House dimensions

9,00 m x 3,06 m


9.9 HP High Trust


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