Apart L

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General Information

Apart L is a unit designed to be on the water, to commune with water nature and take its crew in the hustle and bustle of silence away from the everyday world around us. Built to be able to swim on rivers, canals, lakes and coastal waters. If you do not decide on a floating package, Apart L can be permanently moored in your dream place. Apart L is almost 50 square meters of the house floating on the water. The living area is 26.2 square meters plus two terraces: bow and stern with a total area of 15 square meters.





Modern design?

Modern 11

Physical Specs

Houseboat: 10,80 x 4,20 m
House: 7,00 x 3,80 m
inside height: 2,18m


Recommended: Yamaha 2 x 25 HP High Trust


6 pople

Bestseller among Polish houseboats

Apart L glass walls allow you to admire the panorama of the place where you are currently, admire every time of the day, sunrise and sunset, the transparency of stars or the beauty of the shining water at noon. The interior of this spacious houseboat can be freely configured and will be made by our boat builder. Standard is the dining room with kitchenette, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms. The rooms can be equipped with any furniture, and the choice of accessories is unlimited. Apart L has a full water installation, heating system with radiators, full lighting, shower, toilet, sinks, fridge and many others. Additional options include air conditioning, a sauna, grill, water treatment system, sewage treatment plant etc. the choice is up to the customer.

Apart L crew can choose between two large terraces surrounded by a stainless steel balustrade. Apart L you can live not only during the warm months of the year, thanks to the heat insulation (8 cm) we can enjoy this motorboat for the whole twelve months!