VAT when importing a houseboat to the UK

The question of VAT in UK on houseboats is a nuanced one, and the answer is far from simple. In the UK, recreational powered vessels generally incur a standard 20% VAT, making a EUR 70,000 boat potentially cost EUR 84,000, unless you’re a VAT-reclaiming business. But why do our boats seem exempt from this VAT …

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Houseboat berths

Navigating the Best Houseboat Berths in Europe: Where Water Dreams Set Sail For those who yearn for life on the water, floating homes offer a unique blend of comfort, mobility, and natural beauty. Europe, with its diverse landscapes and picturesque waterways, is a haven for houseboat enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll take you on a …

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quicksilver vs merry fisher boats

Quicksilver vs Merry Fisher

When you think about your first cabin boat it is worth to consider great brands: Jeanneau with Merry Fisher lines and Brunswick with Quicksilver Weekend boats.

hausboote masuren in Polen

Hausboot Masuren

Der beste Urlaub in Polen? Hausboot Masuren mieten ohne Führerschein. Schauen Sie sich das Angebot an!

boating license

Boat license

Which boating licence is respected in Europe? Do I need a license to drive a boat?

flybridge yacht


Magic place to control your perfect cruiser

planing hull boat

Planing hull

Unlimited speed, great nautical performance.

displacement hull yachts

Displacement hull

Floating luxury hotel with max speed 15 km/h

sundeck in a boat


A great sunny bow place.

What is the main difference between a Motor Yacht and a Boat? The owners club answer

A yacht is a larger boat that is mainly used as a status symbol. The word was originally defined as a light and fast vessel. It can be expensive to purchase and maintain a yacht, but it is the fastest boat on the water. Motor yachts can be luxurious or contain all of the newest technology, but they are not as common as boats. A big difference between these boats is their size.

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Boats are usually cheaper than yachts, and many people use them for their job such as fishermen or Navy officers. They are often used for fishing and hunting trips too because they have smaller engines and more storage space than yachts do. There is no universal definition of what qualifies as a boat, but many owners from exclusive boat yacht clubs classify them by weight instead of size for more accuracy.

Yacht vs boat, the magazine definition: weight, registration, license, insurance

Boats are vessels that operate in the water. They have a motor and a single mast. The type of boat is determined by its size and weight. Size is measured by length while weight is measured by displacement tonnage. A boat needs a registration number to be legal for use on the water. If you want your boat to be legal it needs a license, which will also include an insurance policy against any damage or injury it might cause other boats or people while on the water.

Boats have the option to use either an outboard or an inboard engine for propulsion purposes. While this decision largely depends on the preference of the boat's owner, their speed is determined by how powerful the motor is and how much fuel it has stored.

Boats are, by nature, vessels that can be enjoyed on the water or on land. They are most commonly powered by outboard engines.

A yacht is a financial instrument that is used for recreational purposes and can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yacht engines are typically more expensive than outboard boat engines because they are optimized for luxury boats. There are many benefits that come with owning a boat with an engine such as the fact that it needs no fuel and can be started on one's own; however this comes at a cost of high maintenance and expensive costs.

While they offer a more powerful and fuel-efficient option than their inboard counterparts, they also come with a higher price tag. To run a boat with an outboard engine safely (according to many professional boat and yacht magazines), it is important that you get the right type of certification and licensing.

What makes a boat a yacht? The meaning of a navigation

The yacht needs a crew of people who will ensure the boat is always in good condition and that it does not run into any problems while sailing. The captain and the crew must know how to operate the yacht and work together.

This is what you get with a boat - one captain and engine operator, plus a deckhand for maintenance. Yachts, however, need at least two captains, an engineer, a chef to prepare food for the crew, a navigator to chart courses, plus more deckhands to do maintenance on board.