A place on a boat where women spend most of their time on the boat. Lots of sunshine and unique silence – sundeck is mainly located on the bow of a motor yacht.

Best place for sunbathing on a boat

The sun deck on motor boats is made with high quality materials. Sundeck is made up of furniture, mattresses, furniture, lighting, accessories and floors. The boards around sundeck are made of laminated material, which is characterized by water resistance as well as exceptional aesthetic values. The deck is adapted to the organization of various types of events, including integration events.

Luxury motor yachts and houseboats have a fully functional bar on sundeck where drinks and meals can be prepared and served. The equipment also includes high quality audio equipment, which consists of a radio, an amplifier and many speakers.

sundeck in boat
Sundeck is a space place lined with mattresses on a bow boat

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Cabin cruiser or day crusier boats are equipped with elements improving their safety. Installation of a monitoring system with cameras, motion detectors and DVR. The reversing camera makes all manoeuvres easier, even in limited visibility and makes mooring in port easier. To reduce power consumption, both on board and on the sides, modern LED lighting is used, whose colour and intensity are adjustable from the cockpit position.