Quicksilver vs Merry Fisher

Quicksilver and Merry Fisher are both popular lines of recreational boats. Both Quicksilver and Merry Fisher offer quality boats with their own unique features and benefits. Ultimately, the best choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and preferences as a boater. Here’s a brief comparison of the two:

Quicksilver is a brand of recreational powerboats produced by the Brunswick Corporation. They offer a wide range of boats, including fibreglass boats for regular family & friends day (day cruiser) and overnight cruising, fishing trips (pilothouse) or special technical expeditions. Quicksilver boats are known for their quality, durability (really strong hull), and versatility. They are popular with boaters who are looking for a boat that can be used for a variety of activities, from fishing to leisure cruising.

Merry Fisher is a line of recreational boats produced by the French company Jeanneau. They offer a range of boats, including cabin cruiser boats, fishing boats, and motor yachts and sail yachts. Merry Fisher boats are known for their comfort and style, with a focus on liveability and ease of use. They are popular with boaters who are looking for a boat that is comfortable for overnight trips or extended cruises.

All boat’s comparisons in this article regard to the boats that have the same dimensions – boasts belong to the same segment.

Quicksilver 675 Weekend vs Merry Fisher 695

Hull strength and maximum outboard power – 675 Weekend with higher quality and better performance

The main difference between both models is a hull strength:

The “maximum outboard power” informs us about hull strength. There is a really big gap between Merry Fisher 695 Series 2 and Quicksilver 675 Weekend – it’s 50 HP! The boat weight in both cases is similar.

quicksilver vs merry fisher boats
Quicksilver 675 Weekend with a grey hull
jeanneau 695 vs 675 activ weekend
Merry Fisher 695 with bimini + enclosed canvas

Nevertheless Quicksilver 675 has more more durable hull that can be powered by well tested Mercury 200 – 225 HP V6 outboard – a reliable outboard engine with a great performance and low fuel consumption. Unfortunately we will not find V6 outboard with 175 HP power among Yamaha outboards. Yamaha has a nice Yamaha 200 HP Drive-By-Wire outboard which costs only ca. EUR 1200 net more than Yamaha 175 HP DBW. Unfortunately we will not install 200 HP outboard to Merry Fisher 695 – only Yamaha 150 outboard should be considered to have an attractive price.

Design, features and ease of use – similar rating for Quicksilver and Merry Fisher 695

The first sale of Quicksilver 675 was in 2021 (Merry Fisher 695 Series 2 appeared in 2019). Both boats have similar features: a cockpit and a forward sun lunge, galley with a refrigerator, a stove, 2 berths (double in forward, single / double in saloon), a separate toilet compartment with a door, all electronics and electric devices can be installed (VHF radio, audio, chart plotter / GPS, active trim, zipwake, bow thruster, bow electrical windlass, diesel heating).

Design: everything depends on individual preferences.

695 cokpit boats comparison
Jeanneau 695 Series 2 with Honda outboard
quicksilver 675 weekend vs merry fisher 695 s2
Activ 675 Weekend with Cockpit Sun Lounge and Teak Table

Quicksilver 755 Weekend vs Merry Fisher 795

Hull strength and maximum outboard power – much better performance in Activ 755 Weekend

The main difference between both models is a hull strength and cabin / cockpit space:

The “maximum outboard power” defines the strength of the hull. Quite a significant difference between the Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 and the Quicksilver 755 Weekend makes the Brunswick boat much better in terms of durability – what’s more the strongest Mercury 300 V6 that can be installed brings the Quicksilver 755 boat to amazing speeds while maintaining great manoeuvrability and uncompromising breaking through rough seas.

merry fisher 795 vs quicsilver 755 weekend
Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 with Suzuki 200 HP outboard

Visibility from helm station and living space

Both boats have really spacious interior and cockpit area (we will find very comfortable mattresses on them, folded out for comfortable sunbathing for up to 3 people!). In contrast to the shorter models: 795 Series 2 from Jeanneau and 755 from Brunswick have really nice toilet without the claustrophobic feeling. Each of them has 3 berths: a double in the front, a double in the living room and a single under the bunk in the living room.

The 3 cm wider hull makes the Quicksilver Activ 755 Weekend a bit more spacious, which is important in small spaces to live on the water.

Brunswick activ 755 weekend vs jeanneau 795 merry fisher
Spacious interior in Quicksilver Activ 755 Weekend with a great front window