Boat license

Few countries in Europe require a boat licence. In most countries, sailing and other water sports, including powerboating, are open to every citizen and training and obtaining a sailing or powerboat licence is voluntary. Certificates of competency are usually issued. These certify that you have sailing or motor boating skills. Holders can receive discounts on boat charters or reduced deposits.

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The most recognizable boating license in Europe

Both small cabin boats like Merry Fisher 695 / Quicksilver 675 Weekend and larger more comfortable cruisers like Merry Fisher 795 / Quicksilver 755 Weekend require a special boat license to operate due to planning hulls and strong engines.

In order to safe and legal navigation through almost all European waters you should gain at least one recognizable boating license. It may be national document, but the point is that it has to be respected internationally.

ISSA certificates – International Sailing Schools Association

International certificates issued by ISSA are recognised by many charter and insurance companies (starting from ISSA Inshore Skipper level). ISSA follows the guidelines of Resolution 40 of the UNECE Economic Commission for Europe on the standard for international certificates of competence. It was also the first to introduce the instructor’s name on the Certificate of Competence (European boating license).

British RYA – Royal Yachting Association

Certificates issued by the prestigious British RYA are recognised on virtually all continents and are held in high regard. Through their structure (renewal of instructor certificates every few years, inspections of training and examining schools, grade examinations) they have become universal qualifications and are of high quality.

Offshore navigation – VHF radio operator license

To legally navigate a sailing or motor yacht equipped with a VHF radio at least one person should have an SRC license. This can be a Polish licence as well as a British licence (training and exam in Royal Yachting Association standard). A typical offshore cabin cruisers which should be equipped with VHF radio during sea cruising are French Merry Fisher 895 and American boat being produced in Europe Quicksilver 905 Weekend.

This section will provide the reader with information on what a VHF radio operator license is, what it entails, and how to get one. A VHF radio operator license is an authorization granted by local marine federation to operate a VHF radio. It authorizes you to use any type of transmitter and receiver that operates in the wide frequency range (in MHz). You are also authorized to use any type of transmitter and receiver that operates in the wide frequency range if it is used with a transmitter or receiver authorized for use elsewhere in this part. You must be at least 18 years old in order to be eligible for this license. Mostly to obtain a VHF radio operator license, you need to pass written exam with at least 20 correct answers.

Do I need a boat license in Poland?

In Poland, in order to drive a powerboat greater than 13 metres in length or with an engine power greater than 75 kW, you need to obtain the appropriate qualifications. Their confirmation is a Polish Certificate of Competency of Motorboat Helmsman. Currently, boat licenses are issued after passing a state exam – courses and exams are even one-day long. To rent a boat without a license please check our offer: Boat Rental.

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There are many different types of boats, so there will be something for everyone. The houseboat can be rented for those who don’t have any boating license. You can spend wonderful summer days moored in one beautiful place, surrounded by water, or go on a water cruise through many European canals, lakes and rivers. The houseboats can offer a two bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining area on board. There are two spacious terraces that offer a stunning view of the water and an excellent place to enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea.