Merry Fisher vs Antares

Visibility comparison in Merry Fisher and Antares cabin boats for sale

The design of the boat’s cabin is not optimal for the helmsman. The visibility at helm station is not good enough for a tall man standing in the Antares boat. The back corners have blind spots, which make it difficult for the helmsman to see all around him. It is also very uncomfortable for him because he has to crouch in order to see out of the back windows.

The Antares boat needs better visibility and more comfortable space for its helmsman.

There are many factors that go into designing a cabin, but comfort should be top priority. Comfort is what defines whether or not an individual can do their job well when they are in that space. If your cabin feels uncomfortable when you’re there, you’ll be less productive and focused, so it’s very important that it’s comfortable to work in.

merry fisher vs antares boat
Jeanneau Merry Fisher 645 in France

Speaking about cabin design, there isn’t much difference between Jeanneau boat and Antares, but both boats have an excellent choice of equipment.

Cockpit area is wider in new series of Merry Fisher cabin cruisers

The size of cockpit space is more than you might think. The Antares is the perfect boat for long-distance trips, but if you are looking for something more compact and efficient – try Merry Fisher.

Some people don’t like the back bench on the Antares because it’s not wide enough to be comfortable. But it’s a good idea for those who would like to fish from the powerboat as there is plenty of room behind it. In contrast, Merry Fisher has a folding bench which is great for people who love to go fishing from their boat. There is also a storage compartment behind it which can be incredibly useful if you need extra space.

merry fisher cockpit size
A stern of Merry Fisher 755 with outboard engines

The main Merry Fisher storage compartment in the cockpit has been divided into two parts, so you can easily open the small part without lifting the table or bench.

Beneteau and Jeanneau – different brands which joined to have common future

Beneteau boats are designed to be fast and light, which makes them perfect for water sports. The boat has an exterior design that is sleek and modern giving it a sportive feel. Antares boats also come with storage compartments on the starboard, making them easy to get in and out of without having to worry about leaving anything behind. Jeanneau boats have an open deck design that offers better visibility in the water but unfortunately have fewer storage compartments.

The interior of Antares boats are sleek and modern with lots of space for people to move around in comfort. The boat also comes with quality materials that are built to last so you don’t have to worry about replacing them often.

antares cockpit dimensions
Antares 7 cockpit with Suzuki motor

Powerboat performance, fuel consumption, maximum engine

Boats are not all created equal. And while motor power, speed, and fuel consumption are similar, the materials they are made out of and how they are designed can make a boat better or worse.

Boats Merry Fisher and Antares both have the newest model design by the same people. The performance and fuel consumption may be the same but there are other factors that need to be considered when purchasing a boat.

There are a lot of similarities between their newest models: both boats feature similar pounds-feet torque, and can achieve similar maximum speeds up to 40-50 knots (the best optimised model). Most often we find motor boats with Yamaha and Suzuki outboard motors. Performance depends on the propeller used – noticeable differences can be seen between a steel propeller and an aluminum propeller. The technology is also important: Suzuki uses a water-cooled 4-stroke oil-injected engine with VVT technology; Yamaha uses a 4-stroke direct fuel injection system.

Yamaha and Suzuki are two of the most famous engines manufacturers in the world. They have been in business for generations and still produce some of the best drives on the market.

Summary: What to choose Merry Fisher vs Antares?

The main difference between the two boats is the size of the helm station. Beneteau boat has a much larger helm station (but visibility is better in Merry Fisher so you can stand up in it and see better when docking), but it also means that there is less room down the starboard side. The path along the cabin to bow is much narrower than in Merry Fisher that has more space in the cabin area.

There are many different features that new Merry Fisher offers to make your boating experience better for everyone on board, like increased safety and comfort for all passengers. But one of its most important features may be its larger boat which means more space for kids to walk around without bumping into people or passing through narrow passages.

Boating is a fun activity for kids – but it can also be dangerous. If you are planning to take your family out on boat ride, make sure you make the right safety and comfort considerations.

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