Merry Fisher diesel

A diesel engine is a type of internal combustion engine, typically used in trucks and buses, that runs on diesel fuel. Diesel engines are not traditionally used in small cabin Merry Fisher boats due to cost and space limitations. Have you ever met Merry Fisher diesel? Of course! The Jeanneau shipyard used to install inboards in previous cabin cruiser models.

Service, maintenance, efficiency: everything about diesel engine in Merry Fisher boat

Diesel engines are more expensive than gasoline engines and require more space than other marine propulsion such as gas outboard engines. Diesel engines also take longer to start and cool down than gasoline engines, which can be a disadvantage for fishing boats where sudden maneuvering is often required.

They require more maintenance than gasoline outboards due to their higher temperature ranges, which can lead to increased wear on the engine components. However, boat diesels tend to have lower hourly maintenance costs as these engines tend to save fuel and require less oil changes. There are a number of reasons why installing a diesel engine in a small cabin boat is not popular. Diesel engines are expensive, require space and emit more particulate matter.

used merry fisher diesel
Merry Fisher yacht with diesel

Small cabin boats usually have gas outboards which are cheaper than diesel engines. Diesel engines require space, so they are not suitable for small boats like the Merry Fisher. In addition, the diesel engine produces more particulate matter, which is harmful to the environment and to human lungs. Finding a gas station at sea can sometimes be a very difficult task, especially if you do not swim in the bays, but want to discover mysterious places. An economical engine can then be really necessary.

Check diesel engine in Jeanneau boats

But there are some advantages of installing a diesel engine on your boat too – for example it uses less fuel or has better fuel consumption rates than petrol alternatives – this means that you will spend less time refilling your tanks! Although Merry Fisher with outboards has fuel tanks ranging from 170L to 800L and current outboards are sometimes much more efficient, sometimes it’s still better to have old diesel technology on board (the Merry Fisher 895 brother: Quicksilver 905 Weekend still has a diesel option).

jeanneau inboard shaft
Diesel engine in Jeanneau powerboat

What about performance? Is an inboard diesel engine good enough as a gasoline outboard?

The new generation of marine powerboats is all about performance, not fuel economy. The idea is to give people who never take their boats out (like the United States) an opportunity to get on the water by providing them with a boat that’s designed for speed.

The French manufacturers have stopped installing diesel engines in their small Merry Fisher cabin cruisers. All new Merry Fisher powerboats only have outboards. Marine experts say that the diesel engine has been losing its appeal for years because of higher security, performance, and price concerns.

This paper will explore the new design and performance of boats with outboards and the benefits they provide to their users.

Boats with outboards offer better performance that diesel inboard boats do which makes them an advantageous choice for those who want to use their boat for racing or fishing. The French designers from Jeanneau began to adapt the space exclusively for outboard versions after they saw the advantages it offered.

The use of this innovative technology has made these boats more comfortable and stylish, as well as increasing their speed and power. They are less noisy than inboard engines and they provide a smoother ride because they are specifically designed around the needs of those who like to go fast on water. They also need less maintenance because there is no need to install a cooling system that those with inboards require.

Inboard engines suppliers for Jeanneau cabin boats

With the demand for such engines falling, there is a lack of manufacturers, and it is causing Jeanneau consumers to be forced to buy higher-priced boats to have a diesel engine.

The lack of competition in this market has led to an imbalance in supply and demand. This can be seen in the price of powerboats and their engines. Manufacturers are not putting any effort into the production of low-power engines which leave marine diesel engine consumers with few options.

Jeanneau powerboat owners (Merry Fisher line) are not the only ones struggling to find a low-power engine. There are few low-power engines in the offer of marine diesel engine manufacturers. Known suppliers are Volvo, Mercruiser, Nanni Diesel. This leaves consumers with limited choices when it comes to engines.

The reason for this is because the demand for these engines is very low. This lack of demand leaves companies uncompetitive in terms of pricing and supply to make these products available to customers through dealerships or online retailers.

The market suffers from a lack of demand for competitively priced, quality powerboat diesel engines that are hard to find in an oversupplied market.

nani inboard diesel
Nani diesel installed in Merry Fisher 805 boat

Is it possible to find a Merry Fisher diesel powerboat?

When looking for a Merry Fisher diesel, means small cabin boat, we should primarily focus on used old models which are still available for sale in the market. Diesel engines were installed in the following models:

  • Merry Fisher 635
  • Merry Fisher 655
  • old Merry Fisher 695
  • Merry Fisher 705
  • Merry Fisher 750
  • Merry Fisher 805
  • Merry Fisher 815
  • Merry Fisher 925 Fly