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The Lowrance Fishing System: Elite FS 9 is an all-in-one solution for anglers who need to be on the water, not in front of a screen. This system offers full access to the Lowrance line-up of fishfinding tools. It comes with a wide variety of features and benefits that will help you catch more fish and have more fun on the water.

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The Lowrance Elite Fs 9 chartplotter has a built-in Ethernet port that allows it to communicate with other devices on your network or connect wirelessly to a hotspot. You can also use an optional adapter to connect wirelessly without the need for an internet connection or hotspot. The Elite Series has a new anti-reflective coating on the glass, which makes it easier to see the screen in all light conditions, including direct sunlight. The use of the single user programmable key is an important consideration when designing a keyboard layout. It can be used in a variety of ways including selecting items from a menu, selecting options from a list, or typing numbers.

Key features of Elite FS 9 for sale:

  • Integrated wireless, NMEA 2000® Ethernet connectivity.
  • ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar ready
  • Active Imaging 3-in-1 ready
  • C-MAP® Easy Routing, Navionics® Autorouting capability
  • C-MAP Genesis Live on screen mapping
  • High-resolution multi-touch touchscreen
  • Includes worldwide basemap, plus a wide range of chart options, including C-MAP, Navionics® and more
  • Full touchscreen control of Power-Pole® anchors and Ghost® Trolling Motor
  • FishReveal™

Lowrance Elite 9 is ready for sale with Active Imaging 3-in-1 Tranducer as an option. Check our price.

More fish with Lowrance chart plotter Elite 9

The process of structured light scanning starts with the scanner projecting an array of parallel lines over the object or surface that is being scanned. The scanner then detects the pattern that is projected onto the object or surface by these lines in order to create a point cloud representation of it. Best of CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging™ on one screen with FishReveal. Elite FS 9 easily recognize fish from structure and cover on high-detailed DownScan images.

This fish finder is a revolutionary device that provides real-time data on fish behaviour and location. This eliminates guesswork and increases efficiency for fishermen, allowing them to “fish smarter”. Lowrance FS 9 with ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar is the most advanced sonar on the market. It’s able to track and identify fish in real time.

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