Sun Cruiser 570

The Motor Boat Sun Cruiser 570 is a typical boat with a cabin located in the bow section below deck and with a control panel located in the central part of the yacht. This yacht is very stable and manoeuvrable thanks to its well-thought-out planing hull construction. Sun Cruiser can cope well in many different weather conditions, the wind or waves are no limits for it. It is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a motorboat that is small in size, but fast, agile, itchy and capable of accommodating up to 6 people on board.



Sun Cruise 570 has a well-designed and easy to read control panel, in front of which we can sit in a comfortable captain’s seat. In addition, the boat builder equipped Sun Cruiser with a second passenger seat, a bench for 2 people and comfortable mattresses, located at the bow, designed for relaxation and sunbathing crews. This walk around boat is equipped with a number of lockers to store equipment, cup holders and handrails and handles made of stainless steel. It is easy to get down to the water with a comfortable bathing gangway with a ladder fitted to it.

To the left of the helmsman’s seat, there is a sliding door leading to a comfortable cabin below deck for 2-3 people with functional lockers. Thanks to the cabin we can find a shelter from rain and wind and can sleep in it anywhere on the water, in any port, charming bay or beautiful island. Thanks to its light weight, streamlined shape and properly selected outboard engine, the crew of Suncruiser 570 can move quickly between fixed points.

Additional information

Hull length

5,70 m

Max width

2,50 m

Engine max

140 HP

Design category



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