Balt 818 Titanium


Price for 1 day of charter!

A great yacht for the whole family for a few days’ trips. The innovations introduced have allowed to achieve incredible performance with comfort and safety. One of the biggest premieres of 2015. And here it is. Made in Polish shipyard Balt 818 Titanium.

It is the first powerboat with a semi-slip hull 8m long – providing in emergency situations (collapse of the weather; collision course with a larger vessel on the river or in the harbour bay; strong river current; unfortunate event) – adequate power and speed to avoid danger. The speed of 25 km/h will guarantee pleasant and safe movement in the most beautiful places of selected rivers, lakes, lagoons or bays.



By far the most common use of Balt 818 Titanium will be for walking at speeds of about 4-6 km/h offering users silence, freedom, economy and most importantly – enjoyment of every moment spent on the water, regardless of the weather – thanks to the stylish, modern roof emphasizing the individual character of the boat.

Balt 818 boat for sale in Europe

The boat works flawlessly both as a houseboat and a steady cruiser swimming, and its planing hull reaches top speed up to 30 km/h. The introduction of this type of multi-purpose boat is a real breakthrough on both the consumer and charter market. It is hard to say that it is ahead of the competition, because there is no competition.

This Balt 818 Titanium yacht for sale has excellent nautical conditions both at walking speed and in semi-slip, it is stable, predictable and fully suitable even for beginner mopeds. The vessel is very easy to manoeuvre, perfectly listening to the helmsman, and above all comfortable for swimming and living for up to 6 people + child.

The great project of 818 Titanium motor yacht from Polish design studio

The design and equipment of the yacht will satisfy the most demanding customers, and the ergonomic galley (kitchen), will certainly appeal to many ladies and gentlemen. Balt 818, designed by Centkowski & Denert Designe Studio according to the brand’s distributor, is technologically ahead of a significant number of currently floating houseboats. All thanks to the title half-slide. The basic feature of such a hull – customarily used to move at low speed – is its economy, thanks to which it can achieve much higher speed, with relatively low engine power.

For example, a houseboat with a hull length of 7.5 metres travels at a ‘displacement’ speed of up to about 12 km/h, while in semi-sliding motion, the same unit can reach a speed of about 20 – 25 km/h, which is twice as fast. Of course, using the same propulsion unit. The key feature of the hull of Balt 818 Titanium is the relatively narrow bow section with ‘V’ type rebates, which are becoming increasingly flattened aft. When keeping such a vessel in semi-slide condition, its weight is balanced in 60% by hydrostatic buoyancy and in 40% by dynamic buoyancy. A properly designed yacht with such characteristics does not raise its bow high on the wave and puts relatively little resistance when sailing slowly.

Yachts from the Balt shipyard are offered for rent in Poland

Balt 818 as befits a real houseboat / boat for rent offers 6 sleeping places inside, a separate bathroom, a comfortable table perpendicular to the long, panoramic window and a comfortable standing height up to the bow berth. Stiffly roofed, open all around cockpit allows you to enjoy the time spent on the water in all conditions, and an aft couch in the shape of ‘L’ and table creates a comfortable meeting space for all users.

Additional information

Overall length

7,30 m

Max width

2,70 m


1850 kg (no engine)

Engine max

115 HP

Design category


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