Sunhorse 25 – 2008


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The large open deck, helm station located on the cockpit, allows us to sail with a pleasant, soothing wind on hot days. Thanks to the open space in the helmsman’s seat, the helmsman can enjoy the beautiful views passed along the way of our sailing adventure. The easily extendable canopy protects us from the scorching sun and the convertible top provides thermal comfort in capricious weather conditions.


One of the first Polish houseboats from the pen of Mr. Andrzej Skrzat – well known designer of sailing boats and motor yachts. Built and finished in the shipyard from Minsk Mazowiecki. Under the deck there is a Sunhorsa 25 propulsion unit, and at the same time the biggest advantage of this boat is the Yanmar 25. This diesel engine is the most efficient, the quietest, and makes the fastest unit of all the units available in our fleet. The fastest, but not exceeding 15 km/h on water, which allows us to sail it without the required motorboat licence (regulated by the Inland Waterways Act).

Webasto, shower with hot water, fridge, speedometer, tachometer, TV, echo sounder, thruster, WC, fridge, cooker, folding tables, sleeping space for 5 people.

Additional information

Design category


Hull length

7,40 m

Max width

2,50 m


Yanmar 25 HP diesel




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