Pilothouse 540


General Information

A great unit designed for fishing enthusiasts. In combination with a 115 HP motor it is the ideal solution for large inland waters and sinus waters. The cabin is adapted to accommodation for two people. A big advantage of this motorboat is the height in the wheelhouse reaching 1,93 m. The interior of the yacht is upholstered in colors selected according to the client’s wishes. The crew is a maximum of four people. In the aft section there are upholstered seats. At the stern, a convenient water-laden ladder was installed. There are many handy storage compartments on this small cabin boat.

Physical Specs

Hull length: 5,40 m
Max width: 2,38 m


Max: 115 HP


1 cabin
6 persons

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pilothouse 535 motor boat poland
pilothouse 535 polish boat_with motor

Detailed Specs

Hull length: 5,40 m
Max width: 2,38 m
Weigth (no engine): 600 kg
Crew: 6 persons
Max motor power: 115 HP

Deck equipment:


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