Please check Pilothouse boats of our producers:

Pilothouse 540
  • Hull length: 5,40 m
  • Max width: 2,38 m
  • Weigth (no engine): 600 kg
  • Crew: 6 persons
  • Max motor power: 115 HP
Pilothouse 580
  • Hull length: 5,80 m
  • Max width: 2,4 m
  • Weigth (no engine): 700 kg
  • Crew: 5 persons
  • Max motor power: 115 HP

The entire mBoat fleet is manufactured in the elaborate hand lay-up process. In the case of the Pilothouse boats, which heve been built around 50 times so far, a laminated frame carrier system provides the necessary static strength. The snow-white outer skin of the unloaded about 1350 kg Pilothouse cruiser presents itself on closer inspection without blemish and blame. Similarly, we like the steel deck fittings, with six each 25 cm long cleats and the squeaky clean bolted railing with split pulpit to the standard repertoire of the boat belong.

The striking silhouette of the mBoat units is dominated by the large glazed Pilothouse with up to 220 cm ceiling height. As a real shortcoming, we assess the lack of anti-slip structure of the gangways, which, coming from the self-bailing cockpit, can be reached via molded treads. In the meantime the necessary improvements have been initiated, so that this weak point can be checked off as eliminated. For an extra charge, the eleven-centimeter-wide running deck can be embellished with a filigree teak covering.