Cabin Cruiser


Please check Cabin Cruiser boats of our producers:

mazury 700 cabin cruiser - mboat
Mazury 700 Camping Cruiser
  • Hull length: 6,99 m
  • Max width: 2,55 m
  • Weigth (no engine): 1350 kg
  • Crew: 7 persons
  • Max motor power: 175 HP
parker 800 motor yachts sale
Parker 800 Weekend
  • Hull length: 7,90 m
  • Max width: 2,90 m
  • Weigth (no engine): 2 500 kg
  • Fuel tank: 230 L
  • Water tank: 78 L
  • Waste tank: 40 L
  • Crew: 6/8 persons
  • Max motor power: 300 HP
parker 110 monaco luxury cabin cruiser
Parker 110 Monaco
  • Hull length: 11,20 m
  • Max width: 3,62 m
  • Waste tank: 40 L
  • Cabins: 2
  • Max motor power: 2 x 400 HP

A convincing impression is provided by the CE-category C certified mBoat cabin cruisers during our driving tests . With the Yamaha four-stroke engine, which draws its 150 horsepower from a displacement of 2670 cm3, shows the approved for seven people on some boats very harmoniously motorized. We pass the Molenkopf of the Laboer fishing port with a minimum of 2,1 knots, in order to gradually increase the speed on the free Baltic Sea. 2000 rpm bring exactly seven knots propulsion, a speed increase to 3000 rpm leads to exceeding the slip threshold, and with 4000 rpm, 23.4 nautical miles per hour are on the clock. Smooth 30 knots are realized with constant 5000 miril, the top speed measurement with 5650 min -1 gives 33.3 knots. Explicit praise is the precise steering behavior of cabin cruiser motorboats, which shows an exemplary low heeling tendency even in sharp turns. Larger waves plow through the moderately scored V hull in a forced pace quite confident.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to always make the optimum trim angle to maintain a smooth insertion. In the Marina, the maneuverability of these motor yachts is finally checked. Although the hydraulic steering with 5 1/4 rudder rotations between the attacks reacts quite indirectly, boats can be parked precisely in the pit – both in forward and in reverse.