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fishing boat sale speedboat

Fishing boat

Bestseller among anglers. Well designed and resistant hull of small fishing motorboats. Best choice for short trip on the lake.

day cruiser motor yachts - mboat

Day Cruiser

High speed, a lot of sun and wind. Luxury aroud. This is a time to have fun on the water. Only big engines and a lot of peopole on the board.

pilothouse motorboats for sell


Motoroboats with cabin and ability to mount strong outboard engines. These units are designed primarily for fishing and occasional cruises.

cabin cruiser motorboats - mboat

Cabin Cruiser

Luxury motorboats designed to spend weekend on the water with big portion of fun. Big, comfortable cabin provide to whole crew space to rest, eat and prepare meal.

The mBoat introduce a concept that legendary US naval architect L Francis Herreshoff (et al) worked so hard to develop in the 1920s in America and to a lesser extent, as did the Riva people in Italy — both were trying to create unique craft that are simply designed to allow its owners the full joy and appreciation of being out on the water: where speed “across the ground” is irrelevant; where the whole purpose of the journey is to be on the water and surrounded by its beauty and tranquility.

motorboat - mboat

The founder of the company in Poland, where the motorboats were created, was recently interviewed for a European magazine where he was quoted as saying “We, as humans thrive being in contact with nature. It is the ultimate sense of freedom, dreaming beyond the horizon and feeling the surrounding nature. This is pristine and best experienced by sail, or now by electricity. A polluting, noisy, petrol engine would separate you from the social interaction on board and lay waste to the nature that we were out there to connect with.”

From these thoughtful observations, it’s easier to understand and actually relate to the philosophy behind mBoat, a small range of craft now available in Europe, Germany, France, Sweeden ect.

This is a very interesting range of motorboats, all of which are built with the very latest, and most sophisticated boatbuilding techniques. To quote the literature, they are ‘designed for a luxurious and sporting boating experience, with an ultra lightweight hull design for optimum performance – and sustainably produced with vacuum infused composite hybrid construction.

The first mBoat in Europe is the Warsaw Exhibition, which is available for demonstration now in Poland.

It’s interesting to contemplate the potential of these craft, as whilst they can be ordered with conventional motor outboards, dearly most interest is being shown in the electric, Mercury / Yamaha outboard powered models, because these are the engines these craft were literally designed around. Mercury and Yamaha is distributed in Europe by the mBoat dealers, and enjoy a substantial international reputation. Being linked to a highly regarded Polish boatbuilder is very clever for both as interest in motor yachts is an all-time high.