Apartboat XL


General Information

One of the largest houseboats from the entire La Mare Apartboat line. This modern, large unit measures up to 12 m long and 5 m wide with only 0.5 m draft. Due to the individual implementation of each individual unit, Apartboat XL finds a wide field of recipients: private, business or promotional purposes. This product has a CE certificate and declaration of conformity, as well as shipping classification D.

Apartboat XL floats on the water thanks to two (catamaran) or three (trimaran) floats. We use four different types of floats: steel, aluminum, concrete or polyethylene depending on the customer’s needs. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies such as: heating system, solar panel system, water purification or desalination system, and even a sewage treatment system makes this houseboat completely independent of external media. The sailing category D and the help of two independent, high thrust outboards, control panel, control system and thruster mentioned above allows you to swim with Apartboat XL on rivers, canals, lakes and coastal waters.

La mare houseboat can be used all year round and can also have a number of applications. It can be a private house, houseboat for rent, office of our company, unusual restaurant on the water, gastronomic and entertainment place. At the client’s request, we project the arrangement of rooms, external space and equipment for an individual project.

Physical Specs

Hull length:  12,00 m
Max width: 5,00 m


Recommended: 2 x 25 HP


3 cabins
6 persons

Detailed Specs

Hull length: 12,00 m
Max width: 5,00 m
Draught: 0,5 m
Weigth (no engine): 7000 kg
Crew: 6 persons
Design category: D
Recommended motor power: 2 x 25 HP

Deck equipment:

– steel zynk construction polietylenium floats 10m x 1,2 m per one side- catamaran,
– outside elevation colour- antracite classic,
– antracite windows, doors, 4 round windows,
– 2 extra site windows,
– terrace – Scandinavian wood,
– stainless stell railings on front & back terraces, 6 psc cleats,
– ladder,
– isolation foam 5 cm,
– backdoor with the same key as front door,
– box for 2 gas cylinders

– fiberglass wallpaper – Scandinavian gray,
– white oak vox floor,
– 3 interior doors,
– 165 cm kitchen,
– cooker,
– sink in the kitchen,
– fridge,
– bathroom,
– sink in the bathroom with locker,
– mirror,
– electric WC,
– shower,
– fan

Fuel installation (optional):
– fuel tank 100 l,
– fuel meter,
– fuel inlet,
– fuel level gauge

Water installation:

– water and waste installation,
– water tank: 1000 l,
– waste tank: 250 l,
– pressure pump,
– sensors and liquid level indicators,

Lighting system:
– ceiling LED lights,
– outside LED lights,

Electrical installation:
– electric installation,
– TV and speaker instalation,
– 10 sockets 230V,
– socket in bathroom,
– 230V 16A land socket with 15m cable,
– heating installation with wall radiators,
– remote control for heating

Steering (optional):
– hydraulic steering system,
– steinless steel steering wheel,
– steering console – laminate,
– rear camera

Floating package (Ask)

Additional Elements :

– added floats – trimaran,
– thruster,
– box in float (470 l),
– air conditioning split 2000W,
– floor heating in livingroom and bathroom,
– site windows inclined,
– extra windows in bedroom,
– winter security tank system,
– 3-way valve before waste tank,
– waste pump,
– clean water system from tank to drink,
– sewage treatment plant,
– added second bedroom,
– extra frame around engines with extra terrace
– sauna,
– roof terrase with relings + stairs,
– handrail arround house,
– rubber bumpers around houseboat,
– sleeping lights in bedroom 4 psc,
– floor sockets 2 psc,
– 2x bedroom Furnishing; bed, wardrobe,
– living room Furnishing; sofa, wardrobe, table, 4 chairs,
– captain chair (gray or white),
– mircowave,
– dish machine,
– grill,
– radio with 2 speakers,
– outside speakers,
– TV set 40’ with antenna Glomex,
– curtain for all windows,
– plisse for all windows and back door

Highlighted Awards

Nominated for Houseboat

“Polish boat of the year 2013” award by Żagle – the most popular water sports magazine in Poland

Grand Prize for Houseboat

Award gained in VII Masurian Water Sports Trade Fair