We use name houseboat for luxury motor yacht and floating house on the water. Polish shipyards are producing houseboats mainly for rest reason which means big space to live: comfortable cabins with beds, separately toilet with shower and living room with kitchen.

Houseboat Europe – Polish manufacturer

One of the first things that catches your attention in our Houseboats is the combination of an attractive style with obvious comfort. This kind of motorboat is not quick – it should be equipped with strong sustainable primary engines (diesel or outboard high trust engines) and additional motors: bow and stern thruster. If you are looking for a fast boat, please think about cabin cruiser with separated bedrooms and sometimes not only one bathroom. It is very interesting that houseboats produced in Poland have the longest history. Our manufacturer is the leading boat builder in Europe. Due to huge experience we can design boat house interior for you within couple of minutes during dedicated meeting in our office.

Houseboat manufacturer VD1000


  • Length: 10,56 m
  • Width: 3,40 m
  • Cabins: 2 + 1 bathroom
  • Crew: 6 persons
  • All furniture
  • Underfloor heating + air conditioning


Houseboat - Apartboat L

Apartboat L

  • Length: 11,00 m
  • Width: 4,20 m
  • Engine rec.: 2×25 HP
  • Cabins: 2 + 1 bathroom
  • Crew: 6 persons


Houseboat Europe - Apartboat XL

Apartboat XL

  • Length: 12,00 m
  • Width: 5,00 m
  • Engine rec.: 2×25 HP
  • Cabins: 3 + 1 bathroom
  • Crew: 6 persons


Houseboat producer - Motor Yachts

Motor Yachts

Think that not only floating home is a houseboat in human mind. Spacious motor yachts also can be called house boats – there are much more prepared for sailing on the lake and sea.


Creature comfort in your European boat house

Polish Houseboats on displacement hull give the helmsman a comfortable, supportive bucket seat that swivels, and plenty of room to either stand or sit. Color-coordinated carpet covers the motor yacht deck and offers good traction. The jump seats flank a padded motorbox, and thier cushions pull out and lie atop the arm rests to form as a sunpad. A shelf that rests flush on the motorbox lifts up to form table. Each jump seat lifts and slides to reveal stowage beneath – starboard side for the battery, port for an insulated ice chest.

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